Turbo kitchen.  Low temperature combustion

Salvadoran René Nunez sought to make the most of the energy generated by the combustion of wood and thus created a very effective, What does not produce smoke Yes reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95%.

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In the Turbococina, a full meal is cooked, smokeless, with just five 13-centimeter pieces of wood, which can be obtained from pruning trees.

It has a thermal consumption of 93% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 95%. Reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide to zero.

TURBO kitchen

It is a low-temperature combustion method, resulting in a sharp reduction in the consumption of firewood, essential for poor families with limited resources. The firewood they cooked in one day will last a month with this kitchen.

The structure is in the form of a stainless steel cylinder and contains a disc with 10 air injectors, an internal electrically operated fan and a steel plate that regulates the air inlet or outlet.

The main problem with this invention is that it requires electricity to run the internal fan which supplies oxygen for combustion, so many isolated areas cannot use it.


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And this is because firewood, being biomass, is a renewable resource as long as the conditions for sustainable production exist. Mauricio Sarmiento, director of UNES, commented in a conference that with a turbo-cooker, only 25% of the firewood or wood normally consumed for cooking is used. “This means that we would save 75% of the resource by using only branches. By not being felled, the tree continues to produce ”.

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