Turn an old bulb into a small greenhouse for growing in 3 easy steps

Light bulbs, especially incandescent bulbs, are a symbol of excessive energy consumption and easily avoidable environmental impact. In addition to betting on the more sustainable options, there are creative alternatives to contain the waste derived from burnt out bulbs, including their reuse and giving them a green use. If you dare, we show you how to convert a light bulb into a small space for growing at home.

Materials needed.

The materials we will need are:

  • An old light bulb.
  • Epoxy.
  • Connection piece for fixing the bulb.
  • A shower panel (the round piece that connects it to the wall).
  • Small plastic pot.
  • Earth.

Also, to reconvert the bulb you will need tools such as pliers, a file, a compressor and a drill.


We can convert our bulb into a terrarium by following these steps:

First step: prepare the bulb.

Remove the contact from the bulb with the pliers and, with the sandpaper, break the glass between the two contacts. Once you have it, don’t get rid of the sandpaper as you will now need to smooth all the edges. Then wipe the dust off the bulb well with a rag.

Second step: condition the base.

Using a drill, try to widen the bulb connector hole. The clamp will also help in this operation, with which the goal is that the bottom of the bulb can fit perfectly.

Once you’ve made sure it does, secure the connector and rubber part (in this case reused from a bicycle) with epoxy and wait about 20 minutes for it to dry. completely. Repeat, now with the shower panel.

Third step: introduce a plant or seeds.

Choose the option that best suits what you want and place the plant or seeds in the plastic pot, fill it with soil, and assemble the entire mechanism, including the bulb. With this, you will just have to wait to get fruit in your green bulb. Remember to place it in a place where it can receive sunlight and water it from time to time.

Original project in Instructables.