The shower screen is a fundamental element in bathrooms, we show you photographs that will inspire you for your own original bathroom.


During the spring-summer months, many start their work at home. One of the most common, and one that everyone goes through over the years, is the passage from the bathtub to the shower tray. I say over the years because when you have small children it is quite common to see the benefits offered by the bathtub for their baths and care, but over the years the parents themselves have a harder time. to access the bathtub. To take a shower.

There are those who resist this kind of change as much as they can, but we can rediscover how decoration of this room It can be original, beautiful and the occasion to feel this new space as something more current and personal. A bathroom dedicated to taking care of you.

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And, for those of you who have chosen the shower tray from the start, let us show you how to personalize your bathroom even more.

One of the main elements of change is the shower screens, we will therefore show you throughout the article screens that will be original, practical and essential.

Original shower screen

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The shower screens allow us to enjoy a delicious shower knowing that the water will not come out and, being in glass or translucent materials, allow the entry of light in a natural way and a feeling of continuity, this who it is perceived as a larger bathroom.

There are three screen types shower according to The Bath:

  • Sliding screens: These are several panels that can move through a rail system that allows the screen to open and close.
  • Fixed front screens: It is composed of several panels, one of them is fixed while the other can be moved on the hinges, allowing the entry and exit of the shower.
  • Fixed Panel Screens: This type of screen is usually made up of a single panel that remains fixed and does not completely close off the shower space. It will be through this open space where you can get in and out of the shower.

Once you know the different screen types, it’s also important to add that there are multiple partition shapes and designs which in itself can lead to a change in the decoration of the bathroom. You have square, rectangular, round shower screens like a capsule, with contoured edges … this is another aspect that you will have to take into account in order to select the one that best matches your idea of ​​new bathroom .

Decorate your shower screen

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Sometimes it is difficult for us to see the possibilities that a certain item offers us and we only focus on what we can see with the naked eye. This is what we are here for.

Have you ever considered decorating your shower screen? You can find special adhesives or vinyls so that you can give your screen an absolutely personalized touch, from the most popular sticks to the most geeks, anything is absolutely possible.


The possibilities are absolutely endless, all you have to do is search and find the vinyl or adhesive with which you have always felt identified and create a unique, original and original bathroom.

Combine the walls with the partition decoration

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Another option to consider is decorate the walls with the style you like the most and keep the shower screen without additives or with simpler vinyls. It generates a set of perspectives and bathroom decoration which can be very interesting, having endless possibilities at your mercy.

Of course, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the bathroom to choose the right colors and the patterns or themes. I say this because if the bathroom is small and you choose dark colors for the walls, it can make the bathroom look smaller than it is.

However, decorating the bathroom and creating an original space is an opportunity to give free rein to creativity.