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8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away in the UK each year, according to a recent study cited by the government. Thus, this country plans to take steps to end the sale of cotton swabs and plastic straw in an effort to reduce plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.

The UK is cracking down on plastic in the oceans. The government announced the ban at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit. Prime Minister Theresa May announced: “Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges in the world… the British have shown their support for our tax on plastic bags and the ban on plastic microspheres in cosmetics. “.

The ban will not take effect immediately; the government will work with industry to ensure adaptation time and create alternatives. Plastic straws used for medical purposes could also be excluded from the ban.

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May challenged other countries in the Commonwealth, which includes 53 member countries from Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean, to tackle marine plastic as well. The UK government has pledged £ 61.4million, or around $ 87.4million, to fund research and improve waste management in developing countries, according to May. , who said: “The Commonwealth is a unique organization, with an enormous diversity of wildlife, environment and coasts. Together, we can make real changes so that future generations can enjoy a healthier natural environment than the one we find today ”.

The UK government’s ban on microspheres went into effect in January this year, and its five-pence single-use plastic bag law resulted in a reduction of nine billion bags distributed, according to the government.

Another statistic used by the government to support the plastic straw program is that one million birds and over 100,000 marine mammals die from eating and entangling plastic waste. They also said there are over 150 million metric tons of plastic in our planet’s oceans.

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