Ultra-small mobile hydroelectric generator, you have water, you have energy

Ultra-small mobile generator designed in Japan, it operates in shallow and slow currents. Ideal for people who live in the most remote areas of the world and want to generate their own energy. If you have a water jet, you have green energy.

The world needs energy and we cannot miss any opportunity to generate clean energy. One option is to use tap water for hydroelectric power generation. But building dams is bad for the environment.

In Gifu (Japan), engineer Masaya Sumino has developed a hydroelectric generator. This very small hydraulic generator has a housing of 1 meter by 28 centimeters.

All flowing water has energy and I always thought it was a shame that we did not make full use of this resource, which inspired me to come up with this concept to use the unused energy of the nature.

Masaya Sumino.

The weight of this generator is only 18 kg. According to its designer, it is the first generator of its kind that can be easily carried by one person.

The turbine is already used to power the streetlights. It uses the force of water from the road ditches (clean drainage) to operate the turbine blade. The turbine can easily replace solar street lights anywhere it can be installed. It is more economical and environmentally friendly than solar street lights.

The best thing about it is that it can easily generate electricity from a light jet of water.

Its construction is very simple. It consists of an iron casing inside which the turbine blade is mounted as in the figure. The generator is attached to one end of the housing. This facilitates the direct production of electricity and facilitates the work. The front of the housing is 15cm higher than the bottom, which generates enough current in the water to power the turbine blades.

There are remote areas of the world where individuals or entire areas do not have access to electricity, if we can provide them with the means to generate their own energy, they will be able to change their lives, this is my hope, an ultra small generator that could provide green electricity to any place above ground where there is a slight flow of water.

Masaya Sumino.


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