White House installs solar panels in officially protected homes

Solar energy is a booming industry in the United States, thanks to new technologies applied, it is more affordable than ever. However, only 1% of the electrical energy consumed in the United States comes from the sun. President Barack Obama is looking to change those numbers with a unique plan to install solar panels on the roofs of social housing.

One way to make solar panels available to low-income Americans, has also been announced by the State of California, which has pledged to provide free solar panels to families with fewer resources. The White House hopes to help economically struggling citizens cut their electricity bills while continuing to fight climate change. It essentially serves a dual purpose, helping families with fewer resources and helping the environment.

Announced on July 7 at a press conference, the White House plan aims to install 300 megawatts of solar power in subsidized housing complexes by 2020. Authorities in 20 states will work with solar panel installers to make the facility affordable for low-income residents, although details of the plan are still unknown. The agencies will be in charge of creating new financing plans that will obtain solar energy for people who could not afford it themselves.

In recent years, solar installations have reached record levels, but low-income Americans are often not financially able to incorporate renewables into their homes, even with the cost of solar panels falling. This deployment of solar panels is just the tip of the Obama administration’s environmental initiatives.