Crises or the fact that many people are unable to make it to their homes at the end of the month can cause us to start replacing our old or broken furniture with others that are second-hand or second-hand and that we will find in stores or portals specializing in this type of furniture.

The option of buying used furniture (also called second-hand) is not something that has started to happen recently, but as I mentioned before, it seems that there is now a boom due to crisis and this does not, in many cases, result in being able to buy factory or completely new furniture.

Buy used furniture:

  • The purchase of used furniture is recommended in the event that these, although they are several years old and belonged to someone else, have been kept in good condition and no, we have to make an expense “Additional”, if we need to repair or restore them.
  • Before buying to buy, let’s take into account the furniture we really need and can’t afford, even though the price of many of them has already come down a lot in generally cheaper companies, such as Ikea.
  • If we finally choose to buy a second-hand piece of furniture, we must take into account the space in which we will place it so as not to have any surprises because depending on who or in which store we buy it, returns are not not accepted.
  • On the other hand, please keep in mind if we make the purchase from a private person or from a second-hand store. In the first option, we will surely gain in the price (because buying from individuals can lower the price more), while in a store they can give us more guarantees.
  • Before buying it, I also recommend that you educate yourself well on the location of the furniture, whether it had to be repaired or repaired, what material it is made of and how old it is.

Once you’ve bought the used furniture …

  • When we have already made our purchase, we must make sure that the furniture is in conditions to be placed in the space we have allocated.
  • First of all and in case we haven’t taken a good look at the store, and more so when it comes to flea markets or antique shops, you better check if it has any scratches, if it has woodworms (in the case of wooden ones) or even if it is dirty.
  • It is always recommended to clean it before starting to use them (with a little soap and water will suffice) or in fact to place it in the place of the house that we have reserved for it and also we can choose to them paint the same color as the rest that we have in the house so that they fit together much better and all look the same together.

Used furniture video:

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