Organize all of the household items and utensils sometimes it is an impossible task. The kitchens in our homes are not large and despite cabinetry on all sides we still have a kitchen utensil rolling around the counter. It’s time to organize our kitchen, and what better way to do it than by reusing the materials we have at home. We will succeed in changing the appearance of our kitchen by integrating design, elegance and functionality. Let’s start by creating a Kitchen utensil holder.


Kitchen utensil holder | Cutlery organizer

Many of us have to resort to the imagination if we want everything to be placed in the smallest space possible and also to be beautiful. But if in addition to being beautiful and placed, we reuse materials that we have at home, it will also be free. In DIY10, We are going to transform some cans into this beautiful cutlery organizer, practical and useful since you can carry it wherever you want.

Kitchen Utensil Holder – Cutlery Organizer | materials

Material to be used:

  • 6 cans
  • Enamel or spray paint
  • A piece of wood 150 x 250 mm
  • 80 grit sandpaper
  • A piece of leather
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Fomi / plastic paper
  • Permanent marker / marker
  • Screwdriver

Kitchen Utensil Holder – Cutlery Organizer | Project execution

To start our project, we must obtain 6 identical cans, from which we will remove the labels and wash them thoroughly, to remove any leftover food that they may have, to complete this step we will dry them thoroughly.

  • Now we have to sand wellWith the sandpaper, all the burrs of the box, affecting the cut area, in order to leave it smooth.
  • We paint the boxes and wood with spray paint or enamel especially for metal, we will cover the entire surface of the cans well with paint. Whenever we use aerosols, we will make sure to use a mask. We have chosen an aquamarine color, but you can use whatever color you like the most and which combines with the rest of the kitchen. We let dry


  • After the 6 boxes and the wood have dried, we present the work, that is, we place the pieces, leaving 3 boxes, the wooden board vertically and the other 3 boxes, as seen in the photo above. At a distance of about 1 cm from the top of the bobbin, We screw the sheet metal screw, so that the can is attached to the wood.


  • We take a piece of leather bracelet and screw it to the upper part of the wood, we can use a trim so that the screw does not aesthetically spoil the whole. We chose some kind of trim that prevents the screw from showing


  • Now we only have put the labels or posters on the tin. If you have beautiful handwriting, you can use a permanent marker. We opted for small pieces of leather, which we glued with a Epoxy glue.


Our cutlery organizer is already finished and ready to be taken to the table.

Kitchen utensil holder | Kitchen roll holder

Now it’s the turn of the paper towel, always useful if you have it on hand, but the supports they sell are either very large and bulky or you have to buy a small original model in store. Since DIY10, we know what we like to make our own utensils, don’t waste time and create a original paper towel holder.

kitchen-utensil-holder-roll holder

We liked this idea that we saw, we will tell you step by step how to execute it, the decoration will be done by yourself, you know the imagination.

Kitchen utensil holder – Kitchen roll holder | materials

Material to be used:

  • White glue
  • A thin wooden stick (we used sticks for the Moorish skewers)
  • Scissors / knife
  • Cardboard tube (plastic wrap cardboard will do)
  • Newspaper sheets
  • A sheet of cork or rubber eva
  • Cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint and varnish
  • Paint brushes

We use a cling film cardboard tube, because the diameter of this tube is smaller than the diameter of the paper towel tube, which makes it slide perfectly.

Kitchen utensil holder – Kitchen roll holder | Project execution

1.- We start by making the first newspaper stick

We catch a double sheet of newspaper We lay it out on the table and fold the sheet from top to bottom, and cut with a knife at the fold, without separating them, we fold again and repeat the cut, now we will have 4 rooms of elongated paper.


In one of the four pieces that we cut out and we roll the stick thin from the bottom corner and diagonally, as we can see in the following image.


When we have finished rolling the stick, we put some white glue on paper to glue the end of it. Once we have glued the tip, we take out the wooden stick. We will create about 15 rods this way.


We drive for the thinnest part and on itself the rod that we just did. When we rolled it up, we glue the end. We will try this the wheel is the same size as the base of the tube that we are going to use (the transparent film tube).


We spread our wheel with white glue and we push slightly with the fingers inwards, to obtain a more conical shape.


We spread white glue on the base of our wheel, and we glue it to the base of the clear film tube. For cover the joint We are going to cut a strip about 2 cm wide, which covers the joint line between the wheel and the tube.


2. – Second newspaper stick

In this case, we also place the double sheet of newspaper but this time we fold it only once and we cut it, then we will only have two pieces of paper. This way we will create 2 sticks.

We drive As we commented earlier and glue the tip with white glue, we take out the thin wooden stick.

Now what we are going to do is put some white glue on the edge of the clear film tube and we will roll it over the tube as the following picture shows.


We will roll and glue this rod until we reach the end, at which point we will take another type 1 rod and the we will introduce inside this rod rolled up, as seen in the following image.


We will keep rolling until we reach the end of the tube, if necessary we will create more type 1 rods. When we reach the end we will have to make the base. Until now we have introduced type 1 chopsticks, now we have to make the base with the sticks type 2 that we left. We will introduce this last thicker rod or stick and the we will screw each other and apply white glue.


We will create as many rods as needed to obtain a base large and strong enough to support the weight of the paper roll, in our case the base has a diameter of 16 cm. When the base is finished, we will pass a pestle above so that the base is flat.


Finally, we apply a layer all over the piece of white glue, to give it greater rigidity and consistency. When the glue dries, it will be time to see if our part is completely straight. I place a playing card, placing the base of the card on the base of the roll holder, With this we will know in this way if there is a perfect right angle, so that we can correct it in case it is not like that.


We apply more glue to the base and let it dry.

We already have our project ready. Now we have make the base and for this we will use the piece of cork or eva rubber.

We will catch the piece of cork and on it we will place our roll holder, now with a pencil we will draw the outline of the base. With a cutter and a lot of care, we will cut it. To make it perfect, we will cut off the small fringes that are left with scissors.


Once we have the room ready we stick it using the silicone gun at the base of our toilet roll holder.


We will decorate the edge, with a type 1 rod, We will glue the rod to the edge of the base with the silicone gun. For the finish we will use white glue on the top, because the finish is better.


We already have our project almost finished, now it’s paint it with the colors you like the most. We chose brown because it looks better in the video, but you can use any color and design you want.

With a brush or brush, we apply the paint, you need to take into account that you need to cover the newspaper, so you will need more than one coat, dark colors are recommended over light colors. Finally we will apply a layer of varnish or white glue.


Now yes, our project is finished, All that remains is to put the paper towel in and start using it.

Tower. In particular, I usually tie a nice piece of wood or metal, so that it falls on the roll, this way we prevent the paper from unfolding.


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