Rotating solar cells from V3Solar

UPDATE: After reviewing the article published in, everything indicates that this “invention” is really a false one 🙁

If there’s one constant among the vast majority of solar panel designs, it’s that they are flat; While some solar panels can tilt to follow the sun as the day progresses, there are still very significant efficiency limitations with this basic design. V3Solar’s photovoltaic cell cones aim to solve this problem, and its current prototype has been able to generate “20 times more electricity than a static flat screen with the same area of ​​photovoltaic cells.”

V3Solar 2 rotating solar cells

Rotating solar cells from V3Solar 1

The one-meter-diameter cones feature a layer of hundreds of triangular photovoltaic cells positioned at a 56-degree angle, enclosed in a “hermetically sealed static concentrator.” The photovoltaic cone spins using a “small amount” of its own generated solar energy that powers a magnetic levitation system, designed to reduce noise generated by the cones, as well as any type of maintenance required.

Rotating solar cells from V3Solar

These cones greatly reduce the space required to generate the same amount of energy, lowering the economic cost of solar farms, requiring less space to produce the same energy.


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It is still a prototype, but given its excellent test results, it should hit the market soon.

V3Solar 4 rotating solar cells

According to the manufacturer, the cost per kWh produced with its system would be only 8 cents.