Trina Solar presented its new Vertex S solar panel, a technological evolution that reduces size and increases power, so that it becomes the perfect product for installations in small spaces such as roofs.

The Vertex S is a solar panel with a power of up to 405W and a smaller size specially designed for roofs, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

The size of the Vertex S panel does not exceed 176 cm in height, and barely exceeds one meter in width, for a total weight of 21 kg. If we compare it with other panels of the brand which are practically the same size, the new Vertex S has 60W more and a better maximum effective efficiency, which reaches 21.1%.

Trina Solar considers that the Vertex S is not something completely new, but rather an evolution of its panels, not only maintaining the technology they had already developed, but improving it, thus enjoying all the years. of accumulated experience.

Among this technology, we can highlight the 210mm cells, a size that the company says will be the definitive for the photovoltaic industry in the next 5 or 10 years. In addition, and thanks to NDC (non-destructive cutting) technology, cells have been cut to a third of their size without being damaged, which improves their performance and assimilates them to that of whole cells.

Taking into account one of the clients’ requests, the panel will be compatible as usual with the main brands of inverters on the market. This will make it possible to carry out extensions and replacements of installations with greater safety and reliability.

The company did not want to forget the aesthetic aspect of the panel, and therefore the Vertex S will have a full black version, one of the most requested aspects for photovoltaic installations where aesthetics is one of the characteristics to be taken into account.

With all this, Trina Solar has achieved a product flexible and universal so that it can be installed in virtually any location, being compatible with all types of fasteners and rails for ease of placement.

The security that the manufacturer has in his product is such that it will give 15 year warranty, higher than what is offered by the vast majority of manufacturers.

They ensure that the guaranteed annual degradation is 0.55% from the second to the twenty-fifth year, while the first year it has a maximum of 1%.

Trina Solar’s new panel, the Vertex S, is expected to be available late in the first quarter of next year.

Via Techno Sun