The sunroof designed by America's largest roofing manufacturer

Say goodbye to bulky solar panels, with rails and brackets that mount your tiles “. With its sunroofs slicing through its giant New York factory, you might think the phrase came from Tesla. But no. With him, he promotes his own GAF integrated solar roof system. It is no more and no less than America’s leading manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. Between that and the experience accumulated since 1886, there is no lack of guarantees to compete with the firm headed by Elon Musk.

Because by the time Tesla announced the first roof with integrated solar cells, this industry heavyweight had long been exploring this route to enter a market that can provide a huge boost to conventional roofs. On his sleeve, an ace: the solidity of its distribution channel in the United States which, without additional effort, guarantees you access to this network from your solar roofs.

With this in mind, entering the market was a matter of time. And that moment came with what GAF dubbed DecoTech, the alternative “affordable and aesthetic», Explains the company, to conventional solar systems installed on the roofs.

One of the most recent milestones in this market breakthrough was when, in June 2017, the first installation of this alternative solution to Tesla’s integrated roof was completed at a home in Concord, near San Francisco.

Sunroof Decotech

And what does DecoTech offer? Well, this company ensures with 130 years of experience in the roofing world that a system “Stylish and affordable” which is installed directly on the deck rooftops guaranteeing “A homogeneous aesthetic”. It also has moisture and leakage protection, as well as a clamping mechanism. “unique”.

With high-end solar panels that optimize power and a slim frame around the perimeter, GAF believes that DecoTech, introduced last January, meets the industry’s commitment and desire for solar systems. “Affordable, efficient and visually appealing”according to the company’s vice president of renewable energy, Anthony Ruffine. His words during the presentation highlight the potential forces against Tesla. “We have received a tremendous response (…) with established solar entrepreneurs wishing to add DecoTech to their product line…”. So your bet is set and the battle is restarted.

Now we will have to see how the market reacts to GAF’s product which, as can be seen in the images, is a system that is placed on the roof; and how the Tesla roof which, on the other hand, has played its turn by integrating solar cells into the tiles themselves, which come in four different styles.