Something will have the vintage style that almost everyone falls in love with the same way. Who doesn’t like to be invited and enjoy an event where retro decor prevails? Or be at a wedding where the bride and groom gave you a old spirit but at the same time modern? Perhaps this is due to the nostalgia that overwhelms us when we see spaces decorated as in the past, making valid the expression “times past were better”. Anyway, what is clear is that decorate in vintage styleWhether it’s your home, a party or a wedding, it leaves no one indifferent.

For this reason, we will show you below some guidelines and ideas for organizing the best vintage party or wedding of history, still from the perspective of the 60s and 70s, or whatever, those wonderful years. Come with us on a trip down memory lane!


Vintage decor

The 60s and 70s, as we said, are the most in demand when it comes to vintage decor. I yeyé and I record it. The hippie aesthetic, the flared pants, the flowers and symbols of peace, the mirror ball … An infinite number of symbols recognizable by all and which are part of our popular culture.

The term vintage comes from English and is used for name and classify all that is oldwhether in the world of fashion (clothes that imitate old styles), design or decoration. Without a doubt, we are in front of a whole “recycled” cultural revolution which does not seem to have an end.

The most important factor when decorating in a vintage style is how to find the perfect combination of color, texture and items. Specifically, keep in mind that in the 60s and 70s we found:

  • Color: In the 60s, soft tone was predominant, where colors such as green and the range of blues stood out from the rest. In the 1970s, however, the more vivid colors came to the fore, such as the sparkle of fuchsia or bright orange.
  • Materials and textures: Plastic and certain metallic elements such as aluminum have stood out over the past two decades. Just like leather, velvet or glass.
  • Prints: Geometric shapes and animal prints were the absolute winners in the 60s and 70s.

If now we take these stylistic indications and we shake them in a shaker, we will have a good handful of ideas to apply in the decoration of any space of our house or event. Here are some ideas:

  • Nail geometric pattern rug, like the movie “The Shining” by Stanlkey Kubrick.
  • Lined walls with paper with psychedelic and hypnotic textures, like a kaleidoscope.
  • A Leather armchair with aluminum legs, or a chair lined with velvet.
  • Nail glass table with aluminum legs, preferably rounded.
  • Manufactured kitchen stools with plastic in futuristic and impossible shapes.
  • Hair mat.

Well, do you dare to apply any of these ideas?

Vintage decoration for weddings

Wedding, the most important day of your life. And a thousand and one aspects to organize and decide. According to decoration and aestheticsWhy not do it retro? Nail vintage wedding predicts an almost assured success, taking into account the fact that it is not only a question of decorating the place, but that it is something that goes much further: the bride’s dress and her costume, the cake, the invitations … come out perfectly, to the nearest millimeter, that’s why we give you the instructions to organize an unforgettable vintage wedding:

  • the wooden crates or pallets always carry that desired touch from other times, and also serve to deposit other decorative elements in the interior.
  • the flowers They are one of the crucial elements of a wedding because they are present in all spaces. We recommend roses, which always bring a touch of antiquity, whether they are red or white. To place them, we would use empty glass containers, such as yoghurt or legume containers, which can also double as candle holders or craft candelabra. Or a set of bottles hanging from a tree.
  • Retro objects that still fall in love: a vespa motorbike from the London Mod culture of the 60s (imagine stepping into the wedding from above!), old travel suitcases stacked on top of each other, vinyl records from the era – and turntables-, an old typewriter… the possibilities are endless!
  • The food truck Retro styling, like a Volkswagen van, is a guaranteed win.


Vintage decoration for the holidays

Are you looking forward to partying and in love with 60 and 70? We also have a set of guidelines for creating the perfect party.

If you prefer a party in the 60s, we have the following ideas for you:

  • Install a projector with scenes or fragments of mythical films of the time.
  • The symbolism of peace, love and brotherhood must have a strong presence in the decoration of all corners of the space: signs of peace, psychedelic spirals, etc.
  • Cloakroom: of course, you can not miss the floral and colorful prints, as well as the flared pants and miniskirts for them. The hippie aesthetic is declared a winner in this regard.
  • lightingA cheap and psychedelic option is lava lamps in different colors.
  • Music: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys or The Doors are just a few examples that should ring in your party. The Woodstock Festival could be your inspiration.


If you are more in the 70s, here are the tips:

  • A good idea is to decorate the space walls with movie posters winners of the time, many and varied.
  • In general, the decoration could be based on the Hindu aesthetic, which became very fashionable when the Beatles visited India: rugs, pillows for sitting on the floor, incense, etc.
  • Cloakroom; Flared pants should be the rule, as well as plain shirts and long skirts.
  • lighting; Without a doubt, the mirror ball will be the queen of the party.
  • Music; the disco genre will blow up the “dance floor” we have set up, even if it’s your living room.

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