Speaking of vinyl floors from years ago, we must not forget that it is a material that was already used in the 1950s, whether it was cheap floors of low or very low quality. However, this has changed a lot in the past decade, including the opinions of many consumers.

Currently, vinyl floors present, on the one hand, the possibility of choose any design that we look for from wood to stone, something unthinkable before. On the other hand high quality materials suitable not only for the most humid rooms in the house, such as the kitchen and bathroom, but also for areas with high traffic of people, such as shopping centers. As if that were not enough, today’s vinyl flooring is also incredibly easy to install, so much so that anyone can do it even without investing in specific machines or tools.

Suitable for any environment or decorative style

Regardless of the style with which you decorated your home, be it minimalist or rustic, it will be very easy to find a vinyl floor that suits what you are looking for. They are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs from different materials, for example, white oak wood, marble, microcement, hydraulic tiles, etc.

It would be very easy to have a kitchen floor with a wooden aspect, with a really fantastic detail, using vinyl planks or tiles. This would also be an option that would repel water.

The durability of vinyl flooring

They are resistant to shocks, scratches, stains, splashing liquids and even the wear and tear caused by areas with a lot of human traffic. Vinyl floors they will stay in great condition for yearsWe could even say that for decades.

For this to happen, it is necessary to make improvements both in the core of the vinyl tile, which is much more resistant, even to torsion, and in the surface or outer layer, which is what this resistance to wear should offer. it is outer shell It is usually covered with urethane, which is a material that offers this resistance and maintains the brightness and color of vinyl. We can find other types of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated, these PVC floors offer less resistance, and the dirt and scratches that occur will be more easily noticed. Therefore, these would be of inferior quality.

It is also possible to find vinyl tiles that offer, along with urethane, other products to improve strength, such as aluminum oxide.

This outer layer is essential for choosing a good vinyl floor to buy. Together with the material used, already mentioned, it is usually interpreted that the greater the thickness of this layer, the greater the quality of the floor.

The formats of vinyl floors

vinyl tile installation

Regarding design, the only relevant thing is not the design, the shape and size of each of the tiles and slats, and how they can be combined, if allowed, to achieve more complex designs.

Regardless of the format we use, one of the advantages of vinyl floors is that their installation does not require major works, in fact, it can be installed on the existing floor.

There are different options:

  • Vinyl roll. It is the most basic and economical way to buy vinyl floors. They come in rolls of several meters. Installation, when done by a specialist, is very quick, but if the person doing the installation is not used to handling parts several meters long, it can become extremely laborious. It is ideal for large rooms where little or no adjustment or cutting is required.
  • In block or strip format. Although its use is not yet as widespread as in the previous format, the commercialization of vinyl flooring is growing strongly. Although installation is not as quick, the ease of installation thanks to the size of the parts and the click systems greatly simplify the task. The installation would be similar to that of a laminate floor. Usually the dimensions of each tile or plank will depend on the size with which we can find the design that imitates, for example, wooden floors or marble tiles.

There are basically two forms of installation, adhesives and anchoring system or click. Normally, roll vinyl is adhesive, while on tiles we can find both forms.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms and kitchens? No problems

When it comes time to think about changing a bathroom or kitchen floor, the typical question is whether it will be resistant to water and / or other liquids. The answer in the case of vinyl floors is “of course, no problem”.

In addition, they have another advantage, they are very easy to clean, so if the water is constant on your new floor, you will appreciate that it is vinyl.

Maintenance of vinyl tiles

vinyl floor

Virtually maintenance free. A mop for when it gets wet and a vacuum cleaner or a brush or mop at a time are enough to keep it in perfect condition. No polishing or polishing of any kind is necessary.

Although they are resistant, they are not indestructible, so it is advisable not to use abrasive products. If you find a stain that seems difficult to remove, purchase a specific product for that type of floor and use a soft brush.

Disadvantages or disadvantages

Nothing is perfect and therefore the vinyl floor is also not perfect and has some disadvantages:

  • Direct continuous sunlight can affect the floor pattern over time. This is common in many types of soils, although it should not be omitted to mention it. In areas where you think they may be affected, use curtains, blinds or any other way to avoid long, repetitive exposures.
  • The leveling of the front floor must be perfect, the minimum error will be seen later. This disadvantage of vinyl flooring is especially relevant in roll and / or adhesive installations.
  • They are not ideal for homes with underfloor heating.
  • If they come in contact with hot objects, they can deteriorate.
  • Materials that can be harmful, especially during the manufacturing process, are used for manufacturing, for example, PCV.

The price of vinyl flooring

As with everything, there are different qualities, materials or designs, which will undoubtedly affect the price of vinyl floors, although generalizing we can say that in general this type of floor is cheaper than many of the alternatives.

It doesn’t make much sense to compare it with floors like marble, solid wood or hydraulic tiles, as they have very little in common. It seems more logical to compare it with similar alternatives, such as laminate floors, cork floors or even linoleum, that is, floors that are floating or that are fixed with adhesive to the subfloor.

O cost of a vinyl floorlike any other material, it consists of two parts, the material on the one hand and the installation on the other. From the installation point of view, vinyl flooring is perhaps the most economical, as it is very fast and requires virtually no tools. As for the price of the vinyl floor itself, we can find it between € 7-35 per square meter approximately in tiles and between € 5-30 per roll, while a laminate floor is between € 8-40 (the essential is not included blanket ).

Leading vinyl floors manufacturers and brands

In addition to the opinions that many may have about a particular brand, choosing a manufacturer that traditionally does a good job and offers a good product can be a guarantee in choosing the best vinyl flooring. That’s why we made a short list here with some brands of vinyl floors. If you know anyone who thinks they should be here, don’t hesitate to tell us.

On the one hand, we have companies that stand out for offering a substitute product, mainly laminate floors. And that also added vinyl tiles to its catalog. These include: Pergo, Finfloor, QuickStep or Tarkett. There are also own brands of department stores, such as Leroy Merlin with Artens or Ikea. They offer a product at a very competitive price, but it is certainly not premium.

As for the manufacturers that have excelled in this specific area, we find: Gerflor, Liberty or V-Line.