Onyx Solar photovoltaic soil

Walking on solar energy is already possible “. It is supported by Onyx Solar, a company specializing in photovoltaic glass for buildings which, among its solutions for integrated solar technology, offers a photovoltaic floor capable of supporting up to 400 kilos of weight.

The innovation, which has received numerous awards, offers architects and builders an alternative that fully integrates solar energy collection systems and this, at the same time, maximizes the available space.

Unlike conventional panels, solar tiles based on photovoltaic glass developed by Onyx do not involve giving up the use of any space; since any surface that incorporates this solution is fully practicable.

This is demonstrated by the tests carried out by the company, which found that these solar solutions comply with anti-slip regulations, in addition to presenting resistance to 400 kilos of weight. In addition, these properties do not result in a reduction in efficiency, since it is at the same level as other solutions on the market.

The philosophy of total adaptation to the needs of each project that predominates in this company, is transferred to its solar floors.

Photovoltaic soil

However, the standard size of these floors is 600 x 600 millimeters for crystalline silicon, which provides greater efficiency. These tiles are also available in amorphous silicon, with a standard of 750 x 750 millimeters. Compared to the previous one, this alternative stands out for its better performance in diffused light conditions.

In addition to bringing solar technology to this walkable floor, the images of it show the nod that this solution gives to aesthetics. Thus, Onyx photovoltaic tiles are fully customizable in terms of color. The possibility of incorporating photovoltaic LED lighting on the practicable ground It also allows it to be illuminated with the energy generated by the tiles themselves, thus adding to the aesthetics of the place where it is installed.

This company-owned photovoltaic integration solution created in 2013 at George Washington University, in Virgina, United States. Since that first experience, this floor has grown in popularity for installation in homes, business premises and organizations around the world.

And it is that Onyx Solar has offices in the United States and China, as well as a headquarters and a production plant in the province of Ávila. From there, this company expanded its activity to become one of the heavyweights of photovoltaic glass, with solutions for the production of electricity that, in addition, manage to insulate buildings thermally and acoustically, in addition to filtering almost 100% of harmful solar radiation. . With more than 150 projects behind it, the innovative firm has even launched a photovoltaic kit that allows you to convert outdoor furniture into energy collection units renewable.

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