Every week we see in decorating magazines beautiful pieces decorated with a wall that stands out, either in a certain color or because of the texture of that wall. Change or transform appearance A room can be something very simple or become too complicated if we don’t seek advice or take good advice in carrying out the reform. Today we are going to talk about a very simple solution for change the appearance of a wall in a room or an entire room. It’s about stone look wallcovering. A simple and inexpensive solution that will give you that look you are looking for.


Wall covering | Why choose an imitation stone coating

The stones They have been used for the construction of houses since the beginning of human history. Since then, until now, the construction and construction sector the materials employees, have undergone a real revolution.

Stone is a very beautiful material but obviously, very heavy. Cladding a house in a nearby block, with natural stone, could be a big folly, the foundations are structurally calculated to support a certain weight, adding weight can be inconvenient and unnecessary.


A wall of stone imitation is a perfect solution for change the style from our house. The market can offer us a large number of items, depending on our taste or functionality. Elegant stones, like slates or something more Provencal like rustic stone.

the new decorating ideas and this union that man has felt with nature, with the earth, the fields, has made it a trend today in decorative material inside.


The solutions start from innovation and technology, where coatings like ceramics, They have achieved a concept that goes beyond the typical tile, now they have the texture and the color.

The stone-look ceramic wall tile is a solution to create a unique space, with character and personality. There are different finishes, from the most polished and neat to the most rustic. They are supplied in 45 × 30 tiles.


Another solution that has been needed in recent years is to panels, usually performed on polyurethane, which perfectly imitates stone. These decorative panels convey a feeling of warmth and comfort, one can also find different finishes and different styles.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Types of coatings

As we have seen, stone effect or stone effect coatings are a good solution to achieve the desired effect, without requiring heavy construction and without adding unnecessary weight to the structure.


In the market we can find different types of coatings that imitate all types of stone. Imitations that will make us doubt by its realism, its texture, its design and its color. In decorative interior coverings we can find different materials such as PVC, polyurethane, concrete slabs, ceramic and even stone-like paper.


Whatever material you choose, the results will be exceptional. Covering a wall with a similarity of stone gives us the perfect opportunity to design the space, since most of them are very manageable and adaptable. From the cladding of a future gas or ethanol fireplace, to the cladding of a half-wall or even the cladding of a plaster cabinet. Let us know the most used materials for their strength, ease of assembly and maintenance.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Wallpaper

The paper liners, can be an excellent solution, there are today amount of textures and types in the market. Imitation of rustic stone, slate, brick, flagstones, etc.

Stone wallpaper and textured

Stone wallpaper and textured

Textures you can feel its cracks, slabs and structures. It can be used to change the look of a room or use it on a single wall to showcase it from the rest.


Some models that we can find even decorated with details like this pretty imitation ivy wallpaper.

Highlight a corner, make it look more urban or industrialWe can also do this with wallpaper. Its presentation in rolls makes its placement simple, being arranged like any wallpaper.


When you tire of style or want to renew the air in a room, a material to take into account, both for its ease of installation, its simplicity of maintenance and economical price.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Ceramic plate

Ceramic inserts This is another solution to visually modify a room, it is a slower system, because it is a question of tiling a wall, with what that implies, preparation of the mortar, installation of the tiles, etc.


Although this is a somewhat bulkier system than wallpaper, the results will be surprising. Another advantage is maintenance, go clean like any ceramic tile.


Coating that can mimic a precious marble like a porous limestone. A decorative option where you can find a wide variety of imitation stone models, from handmade and exclusive, to the most simple and elegant.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Cladding panels

Perhaps one of the fastest and most convenient solutions is faux stone siding panels. These are plates made from PVC or polyurethane, very manoeuvrable and with a perfect adaptation to the surface. Another advantage is the speed of its assembly, as well as its simplicity, allowing us to make our creations ourselves.

We can choose from different finishes and textures, his relief designs add that touch, which really gives us the impression of caressing a stone.

Stone slabs in different tones and more or less satin finishes, imitation brick or granite panels.

One of the advantages of panels is adaptability, it allows us to bend corners, cover furniture with masonry, create different designs.

With a few drill bits, dowels, lag screws, saw, and putty, you can change the look of a room, entryway, or porch.

These coatings they are inspired by nature, imitating it down to the smallest detail, both in tone and form. We can choose coatings with different types of imitations in addition to classic stones, we can also choose more urban models inspired by concrete and steel.

Another advantage of these panels is the ease of cleaning, because they usually have a polyurethane coating which offers a good acoustic, thermal and anti-humidity insulation.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Advantages and disadvantages

All these coatings that we have seen they can be placed anywhere in the house, each of them with a different resistance, being the plates of Strongest PVC or polyurethane.

Benefits are above all manageability and even that we can install them ourselves. The way we are going to use our coating, the design we are going to apply, can be unique, exclusive and personalized.


We can cover the whole room or just a part, a column or an entire wall. Cover a piece of furniture or change the look to a fireplace in record time and without work. The coatings allow us a large number of options, playing with textures and shapes.

How? ‘Or’ What disadvantages, In the case of PVC or polyurethane coverings, care must be taken to review the joints, closing them if necessary, every one or two years.


On the other hand, in coatings, we must be clear about the pattern we are going to wear, whether on paper or on ceramic. A misplaced part will totally break the design scheme and the result will not be what you want.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | A homemade solution

Most of the time we switch to paints in a color we like and then we apply paints, furniture and plants to give a little life to our environment.

If you want to try something different in one of the rooms in your house, we offer you a solution that is very easy to do, and above all very economical compared to other wall decorating methods.


And if we suggest that you make a Wall rustic comparison stone in the interior? It would be fabulous if you try it because the result is amazing.

You just gotta have leaves newspapers and you start to crumple them. Then you impregnate them with glue. All you have to do is stick them on the wall and let the application dry.

When it is dry, you can now apply a first coat of paint which will serve as a base and then, once this first coat is dry, apply a second coat of effects in which you can imitate the rock.


For this, you can apply paint in the same shade but a little darker on the bristles of a toothbrush and ruffle the brush on the wall with our thumb, apply marbling effects.

First play on a cardboard base with the mixture of paper and glue to test its result, before applying the entire effect to the wall.

We hope that you bedroom stay with your personal touch and take advantage of these tips.

Wall covering – Simile Stone | Photo gallery

Attached we leave you to DIY10.com, a series of sample photographs, some of them are panels, some are wallpaper and some are ceramic, surely you will be hard pressed to find the difference. Here are some examples of stone similarity, your imagination will put that personal touch.

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