In WoodMe we now want to tell you about a decorative style that has become fashionable and is something as simple as decorating our walls with stickers known as wall stickers, so now let’s see how they consist and how they are placed.

The decorative vinyls for the wall it is nothing more than stickers which can have different dimensions, although most of them are quite large, and it allows us to stick them on the wall and also fix them for a long time and we can remove them when we want it.

Wall Decal Styles:

  • The truth is that there are several styles of vinyls depending primarily on the color and shapes that these vinyls have and especially the room or wall they are intended for.
  • Most decorative vinyls are usually placed on the room houses or in the room so many models will have geometric shapes and modern so that our decoration is original and according to the furniture we have.
  • On the other hand, we also have decorative vinyls which are related to such elements as nature and in fact many companies dedicated to their manufacture always have a special section in which we can find all kinds of vinyls that represent flowers, leaves of plants, etc …
  • The numbers and letters can also be wall stickers and we can even combine them to form words on our wall or numbering that has special meaning.

Wall stickers for bedrooms.

  • On the other hand we must talk about the vinyls that can be placed on the bedroom wall, and although it is not that they are much in double or adult rooms, we can bet on them by choosing models like those mentioned above.
  • Apart from these decorative vinyls for children’s rooms because it is in these that one can find a greater variety of models and styles.
  • Children’s bedrooms are therefore ideal for these wall stickers, being able to purchase what are shapes or designs of animals, elements of nature and even characters that the little ones in the house may like.
  • In the same way, it will happen to us with young rooms, which are also favorable to the installation of vinyls and thus to obtain a modern and original style.

Video of wall stickers:

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We have already seen the styles of wall stickers and they can be very varied, now we will have to know how to place them once we have bought it.

How to place a wall sticker:

  • You should know that wall stickers are usually rolled up and once we unfold them we will realize that they appear on sticker paper.
  • You have to climb a ladder, if you want to place it high or if it is very large, and secure it from above with a little adhesive tape.
  • Once attached, and making sure it is straight, it will be time to gradually remove the paper from the sticker so that it attaches to the wall.
  • Slowly and also by passing a cloth or something as we peel off so that it is smooth and air bubbles do not form.

Video showing how to place wall decals:

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