Washable diapers, an ecological option to save a lot of money
Cloth diapers. Image: Katarzyna Wojtasik Shutterstock

The Cloth diapers They were obsolete, but are currently used by many mothers. They represent long-term savings and are environmentally friendly. They are again a good option for your baby.

Disposable diapers, introduced in 1961 by the Procter & Gamble Company, have brought comfort to millions of homes around the world. However, disposable diapers commercial fibers are made up of fibers and plastics that they can take up to 500 years to degrade.

As an ecological alternative, can be found on the market washable diapers of different qualities. According to their producers, this type of diaper uses waterproof panties made of breathable materials that absorb as much as disposable diapers. Likewise, they ensure that with these diapers the possible irritations or intolerances of commercial diapers do not occur, avoiding skin contact with chemicals and maintaining an appropriate temperature in the diaper area.

A baby uses around 6000 diapers in two years, with an expense of 2000 euros, while the cost of cloth diapers would be 300 euros. In addition diapers represent 50% of household waste. A baby generates 4 to 5 tonnes of this type of waste.

For the manufacture of cloth diapers, 2.3 times less water is used, 8.5 times less energy sources and 90 times less raw materials. These diapers can be machine washed and reused up to 300 times.

Cloth diapers
Eco-friendly layers. Image: Katarzyna Wojtasik Shutterstock

The maintenance of these diapers is very simple. Remember that they will be in direct contact with your child’s delicate skin. You should wash them with water and neutral soap. Avoid bleaches, chlorine, and strong detergents, as they can damage your child’s skin.

Types of washable diapers.

There are a variety of washable diapers you can choose from when choosing to use them.

  • Adjustable: They are used with a diaper cover. Its construction is 100% fabric, they adapt to the body of the child thanks to buttons or velcro.
  • Pre folded: These are rectangular cloth diapers. They are bought by the dozen and must be used with covers.
  • Pocket diapers: These practical covers come with a pocket where you can insert the wet wipe to clean the baby if necessary.
  • From curves: Similar to pre-folded diapers but features curves to better fit your child’s body. They have a slightly higher cost than normal pre-folds.
  • Swimming diapers: They are designed to hold a baby’s stool when in the water. Made with a material similar to that of swimwear.
  • Blanket: There are different sizes, they are used to protect the cloth diaper. You need to clean it every 3 uses if it doesn’t stain or get wet and you can choose the closure that works best for you.
  • All in one: It’s a diaper with a blanket. Similar to a disposable diaper which comes in handy when you need to take the child out of the house.

Choose according to your tastes the diaper that corresponds to each of your baby’s needs.

Benefits of washable diapers.

  • They respect the environment, are reusable and durable.

  • Made of natural fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, flannel. They prevent the baby from sweating excessively. If they are washed properly, they do not cause irritation or allergies. Being cooler, they prevent dermatitis caused by heat.

  • Although you may have to make an initial expense to acquire them, in the long run they end up being a big savings.

Disadvantages of washable diapers.

  • They increase the work of parents, because they need to be washed frequently.
  • Some need a blanket in addition to the diaper to protect them.
  • They are not comfortable when you are away or traveling. You can’t bag a dirty diaper and carry it with you until you get home.

Even when sometimes they are not the most practical. It is worth preserving and caring for your baby’s skin. You can alternate their use, using disposable diapers when traveling, for more comfort.

How to make homemade cloth diapers.

Free patterns and instructions for making your own homemade cloth diapers:


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