Water can and should be one more element decoration of our house. Water fountains are in this sense an excellent option to achieve harmony in every corner of our home. We can bring a touch of peace and tranquility both indoors and outdoors. As we know, the offer of this type of ornament is varied. Therefore, today we want to explain some of the types of water sources that exist for the decoration of any space. We also want to review some of the history of this wonderful way of creating a pleasant environment.

Decorative fountains

Water sources originally have a eminently practical work. They were used, of course, to supply water to a house. Thus, in Roman times, they were used to supply the most prosperous houses. It was not until the Arabs arrived that the water sources became one more feature of the landscape due to other factors which we will analyze later. We will now focus on the decorative character of water sources.

Indeed, it was from 17th century, especially in the Versailles of Louis XIV, the Sun King, when the sources began to become decorative elements. In a way, a water feature is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. It harmonizes very well with any environment, thanks to the calm of the sound of the water which gives us harmony and tranquility. And it is that, by addition, water fountains are a symbol of life and fertility this will undoubtedly help bring solemnity to any decor.

Garden water fountains

As we have said, water sources until very recently filled a eminently practical function and they had only decorative work in the sumptuous courtyard gardens. However, the Arabs knew how to take advantage of the power of water to generate complete spaces where it was the protagonist. Today it seems to us inseparable the sound of running water with the vegetation that surrounds it; However, this has not always been so. the visual effect produced by flowing water for example on a rustic marble font get a really good boost. It is very gratifying for the senses if it is accompanied by its sound. This element was precisely the one that was tried to contribute with the water sources in the Arab irrigation system.

Another classic function of fountains is to feed animals. It’s a nice feeling to see like different birds come to our garden knowing that they will have water in them. As has been said, water sources promote the spread of life around them, including that of the creatures that visit them.


In addition, the garden water fountains are also sources of freshness for said space. During the summer they will bring cool humidity to our terrace. One can immediately notice its influence, and it will also help all its vegetation to grow healthier by noticing its proximity. We know that the existence of water sources in the gardens stimulates the growth of all the plants that surround it since they grow more to go in search of them.

We can find garden water fountains made in different metals, board, calculation or resin, and is it certainly, there are types to suit all tastes.

Indoor water fountains

The case of water fountains, although it is complementary to what we have said so far, has some peculiarities. Inland water sources have grown in importance due to the Asian influence on the concept of arrangement of household parts. This concept, as many of you know, is Zen, the idea is to achieve the inner harmony of the house. It is no accident that many water fountains contain elements of Asian culture. If there are so many sources with Buddha as the protagonist, it is because the inclusion of these elements within the house is based on the principles of said teacher.

Indoor water fountains

Regarding indoor fountains, they help make our home a more welcoming and pleasant place. They also provide a soft whisper that accompanies the tranquility of our refuge. In addition, they are an important part of what Zen is pursuing: harmony with space is spiritual harmony. You can take a look at the wide range at our disposal for this type of fountain, both in its design and in its materials.

Home water fountains

DIY and decoration enthusiasts in general are betting more and more on creating their own designs to have a water fountain in your home. Admittedly, this is something relatively simple to do if we have the necessary materials and tools. Many opt for easy-to-handle materials like slate, which in many cases don’t require a millimeter calculation and actually look better if we give them a natural, disorganized touch. The exterior design after all will depend on everyone’s taste, and when it comes to installing pipes, taps or tubes, it will be necessary to look at the type of material and carry out some measurements and calculations.

Indoor water fountains

Whatever type of font we choose, before installing it we should consult an expert if we do not know how we can connect it to the water supply in the case of outdoor water fountains. In the case of indoor water fountains, you must especially pay attention to the electricity that powers them. We must ensure that there is no type of contact between our source and the power supply.

It is strongly recommended to think carefully about where we are going install our font. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical and installation reasons. We will take the measurements first. We will choose a space that will not present any problems in the event of a breakdown. We should also think that maybe we should do some sort of cleaning. For everything else, we will only have take advantage of our source and our harmony with which it will enrich any environment that we have reserved for you.

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