Watly.  The system that can provide drinking water, renewable energy and an Internet connection for 3000 people

Watly is a solar power system specially designed for developing countries, it is capable of storing electricity, purifying water and connecting local residents to the internet.

After testing a prototype of the system in Ghana, the company is preparing to create Watly 3.0, a larger machine that can generate more renewable energy.

Watly was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to improve their system, which is considered “the largest solar power system in the world”.


Watly 3.0 is 40 meters long, it is designed to purify 5,000 liters of water per day for at least 15 years. The system can purify water from all kinds of pollutants and even desalinate seawater.

The company says its system can also provide electricity to 3,000 people, all using solar power.


They have been working since 2013 on systems to supply renewable energies to developing countries. With offices in Spain and Italy, Watly is primarily interested in helping communities in Africa, providing them with as many needs as possible with one system, without environmental damage or greenhouse gas emissions. The Watly 3.0 system promises all of this and more.


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