First wind turbine in history

Charles Francis brush, born in Euclid Township, Ohio, is one of the pioneers of the American electrical industry. This engineer invented what we think we are first autonomous wind turbine for the production of electricity in history. It was in the winter of 1887 that Charles built it. It was gigantic, in the photo we can see a tiny person to his right.

The rotor diameter was 17 meters and it had 144 cedar wood blades.. It worked for 20 years and charged the batteries Charles had in the basement of his mansion. The power it could generate, certainly a lot for the time, but ridiculous today, was 12 kW.

The Scientific American article on the Brush Wind Turbine.

On December 20, 1890, Scientific American magazine published a detailed description of Brush’s wind turbine.

Brush's giant wind turbine in Cleveland

Among others, he also invented, for example, a very efficient direct current dynamo used in the public electricity grid, the first commercial electric arc, as well as an efficient method for the manufacture of lead-acid batteries.

As we see that the human interest in renewables is not new, one could argue that fossil fuels stole a promising future from these technologies years ago. But it seems like history had an open toll, and now out of obligation and necessity, green power generation technologies are our future again.