If you’re a DIY enthusiast, it’s important that you have the best tools, but that doesn’t mean you have things you might never use. The main thing, as they say, is that you have best hand tools, and with them start a “collection” which will allow you to be well equipped as “handymen”.

What are the best hand tools

When we talk about Hand tools, we mean all these hbasic or necessary tools to be able to make all kinds of arrangements or DIY work. Tools we can buy and transport hanging from a tool belt or in a small toolbox. So let’s see which are the best.


One of the first hand tools that we have to mention is of course the screwdrivers whose the main function is to easily and quickly screw in any screw. Often the screws used in furniture are large and thick, so it is good to have not only a screwdriver but a complete kit that allows us to unscrew all kinds of screws.

Drill or perforator

We can also include among the best hand tools a good drill, because today we can find them in smaller sizes and more comfortable to use. This type of tool is used for drilling surfaces such as wood, steel, plates, concrete, among others. With it we can facilitate some projects, as well as leave them with a better finish.


This is not a hand tool in itself, but we want to include it with the drill bit as they have different thicknesses and characteristics different depending on the material to be drilled. Be extra careful when choosing a drill, because if it is not used for the right material, you can damage the drill or much worse injure yourself.

Key kit

In the same way that we talked about drill bits, we can also mention the wrench kits which are used for screwdrivers. These types of kits are used so that we have a screwdriver head and we can exchange in order to have a screwdriver suitable for all types of DIY or home repair work.

On the other hand, we can also choose specific keys such as, for example, the key, a classic for example to unscrew or also to remove nails.

What are the best hand tools

Hand-held jigsaw or hacksaw

Jigsaw It is a type of automatic or electric saw capable of making straight cuts in wood and also when it needs to be cut into different shapes, like circular or wavy, for example. An indispensable type of saw, although we really have to talk about the best hand tools, we can not miss the bow saw.

The The hacksaw is the traditional saw we’ve all seen hanging in DIY stores. and that can be found with different densities regarding the thickness of your teeth. A type of saw that may not be as precise as a power saw, but the truth is that it is really efficient and necessary, and we can buy it both in metal and in iron, with a wooden or plastic handle, among other materials.


Pliers are suitable for holding, pulling, clamping or cutting certain objects, each with its own function. We often need these functions, but we are not strong enough with our hands alone, and this is when the pliers will be a great friend. Their shape makes them particularly suitable for, for example, removing a nail, or also loosening a screw, but you can also use them to strip an electric cable or to cut different materials.


Among the best hand tools we must also mention of course, the hammer which is an essential tool for driving nails and screws, but also its head has a design that allows us to tear loose nails or the ones we really want to delete. A tool that we can find in different sizes and also with handles that can be made of wood, plastic and other materials.

Sander and sandpaper

Two other hand tools that we can consider the best or the most indispensable are the sander, but also sandpaper.

The sander is used to sand and polish wood. For woods and smaller details, it may be best to use the sanders by hand, but when the surface is large and straight, the tool is worth using. They are also very useful to “seal” the wood, because it is a process which requires several “sanders” with sandpaper of different grit. However, this tool does not dispense with the use of sandpaper, since it is necessary to attach them to the sander.

In reality the sandpaper itself, could be considered a hand tool that one can’t miss either. Thanks to the sandpaper, we can polish various materials, such as wood, iron, masonry, putty, among others. An important thing when choosing sandpaper is the size of its grain. The lower the number of sandpaper, the coarser the grain and the “rougher” it will be. For details and finishes, opt for sandpaper that has a smaller grit (i.e. a higher number). Be very careful when purchasing your sandpaper as you need to know exactly what type of furniture to sand and what result you want in order to choose the appropriate grit paper.

What are the best hand tools


The rule, even if it does not appear to be the case, is a very important tool because it helps us to check all the measurements, make every piece of furniture fit perfectly and have the exact measurement. To work with wood, it is good to use one made of iron, as they are more resistant and durable


The square is also an important manual tool and although it looks like the ruler it has a special functionl: Make sure the measurements and parts are straight with a 90 ° angle. You could say that it is even more important than the ruler, because it also has measures.


The cutter is not considered a tool by many people, but the truth is that it is ideal for cutting a variety of materials. Due to the fact that It has a very sharp dagger and tip, makes it easy to cut and does the necessary finishing.


Finally, we also want to mention the shovel as a necessary hand tool, especially if you have a particular garden. A tool for digging into that, believe it or not, can get you out of more than one problem.

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