In Wood Me we want to present you one of those utensils that they literally revolutionized the whole world of professional and private jobs. Due to the simplicity it offers, the excellent technological development and the time they save us, it is time to dedicate an entry in our blog to what are the best multi-tools: where can I buy them and how much are they worth

What are multi-tools?

Before coming in what are the best multi-tools: where can I buy them and how much are they worth, it is good to know what are the multifunction tools. These are tools that can perform several tasks. For example, sanding, sawing, polishing or milling. With just one tool, we will be able to perform countless tasks, without having to worry about getting all the parts and tools we need.

For those of you who haven’t heard of multi-tools, we’ll tell you that you’ve surely seen them. You may have even used one. Otherwise, you’ve probably seen a professional work with them quite often.

So in this article we will give you some tips for buying multi-tools, in addition to some prices and establishments specializing in the world of DIY where you can find them under professional advice.

Why use multi-tools

We already know what they are, now we tell you why use multi-tools. In this case, the best way to proceed is to list the advantages of these multifunction tools and the benefits they offer you.

  • Multifunction – On the one hand, it is a huge advantage to be able to do with one machine, which we would in fact have to do with five. You can ask older professionals what benefits this brings.
  • Efficiency – Multifunction tools are therefore very important allies in making our work more efficient. For many jobs, we’ll only need one of them with the corresponding heads needed for each job.

Why use multi-tools

  • Workspace – At the same time, it means that we can save a lot of work in our workspace. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for us to organize a workroom with so many scattered tools.
  • Design – Another advantage is its design. These are machines specially designed to facilitate our work. We will quickly get used to working with it and we will be able to carry out our tasks with more competence.
  • Economic – In the long run, multifunction tools are much cheaper than conventional tools. Indeed, if one of the parts is damaged, it suffices to seek a replacement. Normally, in the case of normal tools, the replacement is the complete tool. With a little care, this machine can be with us for many years.
  • Organization – It must also be said that these are tools that, on many occasions, will avoid having to transport the entire toolbox from one place to another. They are usually organized very efficiently in their own briefcase.

  • Time saving – Above all, we must underline the time that we will save thanks to the multifunction tools. This applies in two ways.
    • On the one hand, we will save time when performing a task: it will allow us to do it faster than if we were doing it by hand. They usually have a large power (of course, adjustable) which allows us to finish the job quickly and professionally.
    • Moreover, it will also save us time by making the spare parts we need faster instead of looking for the other tool.
  • Cleaning – Finally, we will also add that these types of tools are cleaner. They usually come today with systems autonomous cleaning (impurities storage bag, vacuum cleaner, etc.).

What are the best multi-tools?

When collecting what are the best multi-toolsIt all depends on the use that will be given to them, the function we need and the work we develop. Obviously, these tools are adapted to the needs, but when choosing, it is necessary to be clear what are the best multi-tools for our specific case.

Makita Cordless Multi-Tool

It’s a Makita Cordless Electric Multi-Tool which develops a 10.8 V power thanks to two 2 Ah batteries which can be converted to 4.Variable speed, universal perforated and self-adhesive abrasive attachment, has up to six accessories. Indicated for professionals and intense use. his the price is around 220 euros, making it one of the best multi-tools on the market.

Dewalt corded multi-tool

With 300W of power, this Dewalt corded multi-tool it’s perfect for any job. It has an interchangeable head, superior ergonomics, a variable speed trigger and a sanding plate, among other elements. In addition to a universal adapter, has 37 pieces, which allows you to work with all types of materials, from plaster to plastic, including tiling. Indicated for intense and continuous use. AND its price does not reach 200 euros.

Bosch corded electric multi-tool

The Bosch corded electric multi-tool It is a marvel with interchangeable head, different speeds, quick release and seven props. In other words, seven tools in one for 139 euros. Do not include it among the best multifunction tools on the market.

Where can I buy multi-tools

The first thing many people will think of when they look where to buy multi-tools, is to do it online. In this case, it is an error. To get the best advice and be able to see firsthand the quality of the multifunction tools, it is best to buy them in person.

Therefore, we can go to any specialized center where they have the largest assortment. Likewise, we have to make sure, before taking one of these machines, that in this same center they can provide us with its spare parts. We must also ask ourselves about aspects that often go unnoticed, such as the brand rarity or how difficult it can be for us get spare parts.

Multi-tools-where to buy

On the other hand, we must inform ourselves of what steps should we take if we have a problem and whether the company has customer service.

So once we know how to do it, we recommend several sites for you. where to buy multi-tools. In fact, you are probably familiar with most of them, which also helps to trust the service provider. We are talking about Leroy Merlin, The construction platform or Brico Depot stores. In each of them you will not only find multi-tools of all kinds, but of all budgets.

Multifunctional tool prices

Finally, we review the price of multifunction tools so that you are aware of what you are going to find. In the case of multifunction tools, the price depends on four elements:

  • Mark – It’s not just a question of prestige. On many occasions, a brand has special conditions of guarantee, customer service or, simply, distribution. There are brands that make their products more expensive, simply because they don’t manufacture or distribute in a specific country. Therefore, it does not mean that they are better than the others.
  • Tool equipment – The more functions a device can perform, the higher the price, of course. There are those who specialize only in woodworking, for example. These will be cheaper than those that can perform work on other types of materials. So it will depend on its power, in this case.
  • accessories – The third factor that influences the price of a multi-tool is the type of accessories. Some multi-tools are equipped with self-contained cleaning or ventilation systems. This will allow us to work more comfortably and cleanly.
  • Feeding system – On the other hand, power systems tend to significantly influence the price of a tool. Factors such as cable and current or battery operation will greatly influence the price.


So things, and given these factors, price of multifunction tools may vary on this fork:

  • From 30 euros – Multifunctional tools for a few tasks. This is the case with sanders for example. A sanding and polishing machine can cost around that price depending on the brand.
  • Around 100 euros – For this price we find one of the best selling multi-tool on the market, the screwdriver.
  • From 200 euros – However, multi-tools capable of sawing in different positions and with different cuts (saw and plunge) and angles, in different types of materials, with a self-contained feeding and cleaning system, sanders and drills can cost around two hundred euros . It’s definitely quite affordable for anything you can do.

Either way, it’s always better consult the complete catalog of manufacturers to choose exactly the option we need.

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