Do you know when World Wood Day is celebrated? Find out what exactly is celebrated and the events surrounding this anniversary

wood day

Every March 21 is celebrated the International Day of Forests, and taking advantage of this date, “World Wood Day” is also celebrated since 2013.

It is a multicultural event to promote the use of wood as a sustainable, renewable and quality material. The objective of this day is to remember the importance and the true value of wood, and how its responsible use plays a fundamental role in the conservation of forests today.

Although the objective of the event is to spread these ideas around the world, the organization chooses a location to host the main event. It usually lasts a week during which all types of workshops, conferences, competitions and lectures take place. In them educators, artisans, professionals and amateurs from different cultures participate, where they share experiences, skills and of course their passion for wood.

Some complementary events are also held throughout the year in other regions, with the aim of continuing to disseminate these ideas and share experiences.


With each edition of the Día de La Wood, as well as some of the complementary events, professionals, artists or students who have distinguished themselves are invited to share their knowledge or collaborate on other projects.

The Foundation Behind the Organization of Wood Day

World Wood Day is organized by the Worl Wood Day Foundation, a nonprofit organization based and registered in California (United States).

This foundation manages resources, mainly from grants and donations, to organize the event and carry out the tasks of publicizing, promoting the culture of wood and promoting its sustainable use.


Each edition of Wood Day so far has focused on some aspects of this culture and they have tried to represent them with a motto or slogan.

  • 2020 Japan. Legacy.
  • 2019 Austria. Change.
  • 2018 Cambodia. Lifetime.
  • 2017 United States. State.
  • 2016 Nepal. Nature and Culture.
  • 2015 Turkey. Wood and Humanity.
  • 2014 China. Wood is a culture change.
  • 2013 in Tanzania. A cultural approach: «Wood is good».