WHAT IS SUPERIZED PINE? it is obtained through autoclave treatment and improves the natural properties of wood, especially in the open.

pine covers

When we talk about wood with copper, more specifically pine with copper, we basically refer to slats or slats treated in an autoclave. Although it is not entirely wrong to say so, it is not exactly the same, there is a small technical difference that does not affect the quality of the wood, but it has a great influence on the final result, the color.

What kind of treatment is this and what is it for?

Regardless of the use that will be given to the wood, it is highly recommended to use a protective treatment that ensures that this wood has a long life in the best conditions. When the use you are going to receive implies that it is outside, that is, subject to the sun, wind, rain, insects, etc. the treatment must be more radical. It is in this area that we can talk autoclaved wood, most of the time the wood most used for this is pine, both for its physical qualities and for its price and availability.

This treatment consists of drying the wood by vacuuming it, inside a tank, where its interior moisture is eliminated. Later, copper salts are applied, with which the wood cells are protected.


When applying this treatment, the wood acquires a greenish toneIf so, we can refer to the result as a coppery pine, as long as it is pine and has this greenish tint. However, in conjunction with the autoclave treatment, others can be used to maintain the original color of the wood as much as possible or even achieve other tones.