To enjoy your garden, it is not necessary to have grass and a high water consumption. Do you know the concept of xerogarding or gardens with low water consumption?


Many are the ones who choose to have small gardens at home. But in these times of climate change when rains are not guaranteed as in the past and when people think in terms of energy savings. O xerogardening can be a good alternative to display your garden with low water consumption.

This current was born in the United States in the 1980s, when, haunted by severe droughts, they devised a way to build gardens that would consume a quarter of the water used in conventional gardens. In addition, xerjardaria makes a firm commitment to the recycling by reducing chemicals for your care or fuel consumption of machinery that is normally used, etc.

Xerogarding is based mainly on a careful distribution of plants, grouping them according to their water needs. Also plan to create shaded areas and windbreaks. The sun and wind are the main causes of plant dehydration. Better to be safe than sorry seems to be his philosophy.

Other of the maxims of xerogardenação are reduce the lawn area. This is the element of the gardens that consumes the most water. It is also convenient to use rain sensors, water in the morning before sunrise or install automatic irrigation systems that work at night, watch out for weeds, or plant in the fall.