Glass is 100% recyclable, but as I always say “better than reuse recycle”. If we can reduce the volume of waste that will become waste with their respective subsequent treatment, we have managed to reduce the environmental impact and the cost to the planet.

Reuse your glass bottles and create fantastic items!

Therefore, today I would like to propose several options for you to reuse your glass bottles to create original objects and so they do not end up as waste.

1. Stand with glass bottles.

You can make decorative candle holders by cutting the bottom of your bottle. Choose a green or brown and it will be perfect in any room of your home, creating a warm atmosphere.

2. Glasses, cups and cups with bottles.

Make your own glasses, cups or mugs with your bottles. It’s easier than it looks. Look closely at how I do in the video and simply repeat the steps. You can toast to your next celebration in the most original way.

3. Coat with glass bottles.

And if you still can not convince you to reuse the bottles, what do you think if you dare with this original coat. As soon as you see, you certainly want to have one. Hang your hat, your coat or jewelry on your new coat rack ecological.

These are just some ideas, but there are thousands more. Glass bottles and glass in general have great potential for reuse. And you give them a new use and turn them into functional and decorative objects.

Now that you’ve seen these examples, it’s time to get serious and show your creative skills in recycling by reusing your glass bottles.

Author: Alberto Bachiller.