What to do with egg cartons
What to do with egg cartons. Image: PhotoSGH – Shutterstock.

Do not get rid of the egg cartons or their shells;). They can be very useful for decorating and ordering items around the house.

When we use scrap materials for craft or DIY projects, we free our imaginations, relieve some stress, and most importantly, reduce waste and help protect the environment.

Practical and simple ideas for reusing egg cartons.

  • Seedling culture. The small cups are the right size for the plants and also for the seeds. You can add the eggshells so that the plants are easier to transfer.
  • Make flower lights. A little creative cardboard cutting, bold color paint, and Christmas lights will make a lovely floral light garland.
  • Ornament protection. They work great for storing small and fragile Christmas decorations. This way they are well protected.
  • Game for children. It’s the perfect board to use balls, beans or pearls for the pieces. Another idea:
  • Paintings. These boxes are ideal for placing different colors of paints, this way children learn to maintain order.
  • Fire for DIY. Just add a little wax, a small amount of dryer lint, and you have a handy campfire starter on cold winter nights.
  • Organizer. You can manage small items for the office or at home. Use them to store jewelry, buttons, office supplies, nuts, nails, screws and all the variety of items around you. You can use the boxes for your sewing accessories.
  • Laptop overheating. Place the appliance on the egg carton to allow the air to circulate better, so that it always stays fresh.
  • Bird feeder. Cut the box in half and place the seeds in each hole, this would allow each of the birds to feed at the same time.
  • Order your sauces. Place the condiment or sauce bottles upside down in the refrigerator. So you don’t have to shake them.
  • Sort your balls of yarn: you will no longer have them cluttered in a box or drawer.
  • Christmas tree.
  • Lampshade.
  • Crocodile with egg cartons.
  • Flowers made from egg cartons.
  • Photo frame.
  • Bird feeder.
  • Mobile support.

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