The wooden porches are an excellent solution to extend the facade of a house and obtain a shady spot in the garden, terrace or roof terrace to enjoy the company or as an alternative to a garage to protect our vehicle.

Which wood and treatment are the best?

The most frequent is to use laminated pine or fir wood To which treatments against humidity and insects are applied. It is a common option as it offers a good quality / price ratio.

Those looking for something more tend to opt for tropical woods such as ipe or tiama wood, much heavier and more resistant than other solid woods. They do not necessarily perform better than laminated beams.

In both cases it is advisable to apply treatments to protect the wood at least every two years.

Kit wooden balconies

They are porches or pergolas that we can purchase in pack or kit that includes all the necessary components for the execution of the work. In addition to the plans and installation manual.

It is certainly a way to save some money, but kit balconies are far from a solution for many. One thing is that it includes all the components and another is that you have all the necessary tool. And if you don’t have and have to buy, part of the economy is over.

Then this the installation. While it may be simple for a professional or a good DIYer, it doesn’t have to be for someone who isn’t used to doing jobs like this.

And finally the measures. The porches in the wooden kit can be found in standard or pre-defined sizes. A series of very specific measures ideal for many, but not for many others. On the other hand, adaptation will always be within the pre-established margins.

As soon as possible inconveniences are discussed. If you are a professional or have someone to install the wooden porch, this is an excellent option.

It is possible to find kits of very good quality at a very good price. But first make sure it is the right solution for you.

Which pieces does a wooden balcony usually include?

  • Wooden posts or pillars.
  • Support beam to the facade.
  • Header beam.
  • Roof beams.
  • Supports for posts.
  • To cover.
  • Screws: this will depend a lot on the method used to fix the structure and join the pieces.

The deck of  wooden balconies

wooden balconies

To cover the balcony, there are different ways. There are those who prefer just leave the structure In that case, we would be talking more about a pergola. There are those who use awnings that they can take out and put on. And also those who choose to fixed lids the most frequent being in wood with tile on the top, although there are also those who make it in glass, sandwich panel or other materials.

It must be taken into account that if we opt for a non-fixed coverage, we must be willing to perform replacements and / or maintenance much more frequently. Obviously, you can’t expect the same from plastic or fabric awnings and wood or tile awnings.

Annex or independent porch?

As logic has certainly suggested, wooden porches connected to a house are much more resistant and stable than independent ones. Although on the other hand the installation can be more complex and expensive depending on how it is fixed on the wall of our house.