One of the most used materials in crafts is Eva Rubber, which is very useful for all kinds of activities, such as theater, design, decoration, even covers for tablets and cellphones. It is one of the most useful and practical materials because it is washable and non-toxic. Here at Bricolaje we tell you how to get it.

eva rubber

What is Goma Eva?

The Eva rubber is one of the many trade names by which the ethyl vinyl acetate, a thermoplastic polymer, which is composed of ethylene and vinyl acetate. This is where its name comes from, EVA, for the acronym in English Ethylene vinyl acetate.

It is also often called Sparkling, ethylene vinyl acetate foam, although in the craft world we say Eva rubber.

It is a material with the possibility of combining with any accessory. That’s why they ask for it for schoolwork, at the theater, to do Arts and crafts, and even in the shoe industry.

It is even used for stuffing, for example on columns or ledges in children’s places or where martial arts are practiced.

It’s very manageable, the Goma Eva. We can even wash it, it has no sharp edges and it is non-toxic, which is why it is useful for crafts with children. It can even be painted with any existing paint.

Where can I buy Goma Eva?

eva rubber flooring

The Eva rubber It is commonly found in stationery stores, bookstores, supermarkets, and toy stores. It is important that you know their alternate names because sometimes, depending on the employee, they don’t know what we are talking about. It is marketed as: Eva rubber, sparkling or sparkling.

If you don’t have time to visit bookstores and bins, you can get it online. Look in your favorite store for Goma Eva, which is the best known name. You will surely find them by the meter, in different colors, and even with shapes, if necessary.

Here, for example, you will find a lot of material from Eva rubber:

In this other you can also find a lot of Eva rubber to be used in different ways:

This is another site that you will find useful to find Eva rubber:

Here too, where there are already different crafts made in Goma Eva:

How to decorate with Goma Eva

Eva rubber, as we have seen before, has endless uses and since it is so malleable it can be used to generate all kinds of crafts with it. If you want to try out this type of material and make an original item yourself, then these tips will surely interest you.

It exists Eva rubber in different colors. The material processing is very simple, you only need scissors and glue if you want to place it on another object. For everything else, it is so easy to work with that it will surprise you.

One of the things you can do is for example decorate a box with Eva glue. We usually have different types of boxes that we use as storage to store memories or items that we don’t need to have in sight. If you want this box to also be part of the decoration of a room itself or if the box is visible to others then it is a very good option to decorate it with Eva rubber to make it look a lot more beautiful.

In these cases, it is a matter of deciding on a type of design, such as, decorate it with hearts or with flowers, and you take a mold to create these shapes. You lay the mold on the Eva rubber itself and mark with a pencil. Then cut well with scissors along the edge. When you have all the pieces, it’s time to glue them into the box however you want.

rubber letters eva

Another decorative item you can make with Eva rubber are small animals that you can place on mirrors or windows as well as letters with Eva rubber. the letters They are very fashionable to leave messages or to help children understand general language better and know how words are written. In both cases, the process is the same, cut the parts we want with a mold and voila, there is no more science.

And if you want to make it rubber stamps Eva, Then it’s a matter of cutting out the figurine you want to turn into a tampon and sticking it on an applicator such as a roller that we use to remove dirt from clothes. Once pasted, it’s only time for you to run the Eva rubber shape through the ink and that’s it.eva rubber stamps

Here we are sharing a video where you can learn how to play crafts with Eva Rubber:

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