For some time now, the DIY at home it has become a trend. Not only is it rewarding, but it’s infinitely cheaper to do it yourself. And of course, in this wave of decorative self-sufficiency, pallets have taken on an unexpected role. For this reason, today we tell you where to get free or very cheap wooden pallets

Where to get free or super cheap wooden pallets

Of sofa for the terrace, up to an XXL bed, through a piece of furniture for the living room or a kitchen table, whatever you imagine for your house, you can build it with pallets. Best of all, these pallets can even come out at no cost. You just have to know where to look and this is what we’ll tell you: where to get free or very cheap wooden pallets

Cheap or free DIY pallet deckchair

Really, for a lot of people it is a problem to find pallets because it is not a regular consumer product. Plus, not everyone knows someone who works in construction. So a help to know never hurts where to get free or very cheap wooden pallets

Free wooden pallets

If we’re going to start collecting palettes, better start big: where they don’t cost a euro. The truth is that there are many points where you can get free wooden pallets. You just have to know where to look and, yes, not be ashamed to ask because not everyone meets this requirement.

Cheap or Free DIY Pallet Ladder

If you have no problem asking for things, get free wooden pallets it will be sewing and singing for you


This is the easiest and closest option as everyone has a supermarket or large food court near their home. A boat soon, one might think Mercadona, crossroads or At the field and workers place food pallets in the aisles. There will even be those who have seen the Lidl, before molar, with the food placed on the pallets themselves.

Low cost or free basic pallets

Imagine the volume of pallets that these supermarkets can move every day. Obviously, they will have no problem with you taking what you want. And if they do, don’t be too complicated, move on to another surface. As easy as go see a manager, ask him the days of receiving the trucks and ask him if you can take the amount you need to work. It’s simple.


And if everyone has a supermarket nearby, so do the building sites. Who has no Building under construction in the zone? There you have one unique opportunity to take a good handful of pallets at zero cost.

Cheap or free blue pallets

Just like in the supermarket, just talk to the site manager and ask how much you could take. They will be delighted, in the end it is waste that you prevent them from carrying to the clean point.

Wholesalers and industrial zones

If you analyze it for a while, you will realize that a the wholesaler works with huge volumes of materials. In this case, you need department stores so maybe it’s your turn move to a remote area or industrial area.

Cheap or Free Pallets Used Pallet

The advantage of this option is that in many cases you won’t even have to order the pallets. Most likely, you will find them, either in the trash or in an area near the warehouse, ready to be taken away. However, it is better to ask for them, to avoid problems. In the end, it’s better to give it to us than to take it without permission.


If your option is somewhere nearby, you can also search small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, for a small business of electrical appliances, boilers, or high volume items, what you want is to get rid of the materials from above because it takes up space. If you ask to take pallets, they will be delighted

DIY patio table with cheap or free pallets

If you don’t want to disturb too much, we recommend that you go there shortly before closing time. If for some reason he doesn’t have that day, let him tell you when to go.

Waste collection company? Never

Many people think that an alternative to take free pallets are waste collection companies. And they are not. In reality, it’s forbidden take whatever these companies carry, because the content they carry, even garbage, belongs to the company or company that manages it.

Cheap or Free DIY Pallet Shelf

Even if a nice worker gives you a pallet, you must refuse to take itIt’s like one person gives you someone else’s mobile, the original owner can claim it and put you in a bind.

Very cheap wooden pallets

If you have a hard time asking strangers for anything, don’t worry, you have the option to buy very cheap wooden pallets. In addition, with home delivery.

Cheap or Free XL DIY Bed

Of course, you should keep in mind that as a large volume order, shipping costs can skyrocket. So, consider getting closer to the pallets yourself, to save a lot of money. But,where should i go to buy very cheap wooden pallets? For example, on these four sites:


Self-proclaimed in number 1 on pallets, it must be recognized that Prieco’s catalog of wooden pallets is huge. In addition, their prices, depending on the volume of units you take, can start at four euros.

Cheap or free pallets Prieco Web

Leroy Merlin

The most common option turns out to be also one of the most affordable. In Leroy Marline You only have several types of pallets, but the cheapest ones, even if you only take one, It can only cost you 5.99 euros. Very interesting.

Cheap or free pallets Leroy Merlin Web


21% VAT must be added to prices on the web, but it continues to be paid. Their prices are cheap, their variety is the widest, they even have plastic pallets, in case you go for that option. In Mantenimientoipal, you have pallets from just over 3 euros per unit.

Cheap or Free Pallets Mantepinal Web


Everything has an online store and the pallets were not going to be less. In Palletsonline, the prices are a bit higher than in the rest of the options. Now, the range of wooden pallets offered is endless.

Cheap or free pallets Paletsonline Web

Suitable for all the furniture you want to make at home, in colors, in different sizes … Anything you imagine, you can do. This, yes, from 13 euros a piece.