Parquets, platforms or laminate floors with wide or large slats, besides offering a different style, present some interesting unexpected advantages

wide strip laminates

Floating floors or wide plank laminate floors have been common in the catalog of some manufacturers for some time. Especially in the most innovative brands.

The most common measurements are around 1200 × 200 mm. However, widths greater than 400 mm and lengths up to 2,000 mm can be found in rectangular shapes. And in square formats up to 600 × 600 mm.

There are several reasons for offering blades that differ from the usual sizes:

  • Offers possibilities for different and more complex design. For example, designs that imitate tiles or more complex wooden installations, such as herringbone parquet.
  • Reduce the number of joints and, therefore, the possibilities of problems with the installation of laminate floors. It is common that when laminate floors are used for humid areas, mainly bathrooms and kitchens, larger slats are used.

Additional benefits of large formats

The use of larger slats has some additional advantages in addition to the design. The use of large parts reduces the number of parts needed and therefore reduces installation times and labor cost.

On the other hand, the cost per meter of material can be a little higher, although it need not be.