Wilson solar grill

New solar technology developed by Professor David Wilson of MIT could make solar barbecues the best-selling on the market very soon. Its greatest virtue is being able to cook with the solar energy accumulated 24 hours a day.

Wilson Solar Grill2

Until now, using a solar grill or barbeque has always, unsurprisingly, required the sun, which made traditional fossil fuel barbecues a must for hours without sun.

Wilson Solar Grill1

Barbecues or grills made of wood, wood chips, charcoal or propane all contribute to poor air quality. We now have an alternative to replace them. A great invention also for people in developing countries who depend on firewood to cook their food. Cooking with wood causes respiratory diseases, but it also increases the rate of deforestation.

Wilson Solar Grill4

Wilson technology takes advantage of the sun to store heat and allow cooking around the clock at temperatures above 200 ºC. The technology uses a Fresnel lens to harness energy from the sun to melt a container of lithium nitrate. Lithium nitrate acts as a thermal energy storage battery. The heat is then released for cooking outdoors.

Wilson Solar Grill3

It is currently not for sale.

Images © Derek Ham

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