With just a few plastic buckets and a few old printers, the lives of residents of a community in the Red River, Vietnam have turned upside down: from paying $ 9 (around 8 to 5 euros) a month to saving a third of the bills. electricity through this system.

When a family of several members has to live on a salary of 4 euros per day, this reduction in expenses makes the difference. This is what led to this wind power system created with recycled products by Le Vu Cuong, architect and professor at Hanoi University of Commerce and Technology, the second largest city in the country and very close to the beneficiaries of this idea.

This initiative was born from the will of this professor to support the poorest communities of the Asian country, for which he took great care that his wind turbine is made up of inexpensive and easily replaced components. In addition, the simplicity of the system allows the communities themselves to manipulate them when necessary for their optimal functioning.

The promoter of this idea which has so benefited the families residing in this floating city provided the wind power generators for free and ten of these systems have been installed in the community. Thanks to them, these neighbors who on so many occasions had chosen to do without electricity so as not to increase their monthly expenses, can now cook and light their homes without too much tension.

In fact, the wind system created with simple plastic buckets and outdated printers provides the equivalent wattage of a 45 watt bulb. It is a step forward for a population which had become accustomed to reducing electricity and which, with the introduction of renewable energies, made a leap that has not yet spread to the rest of the country. Even if Vietnam can increase annual wind and solar power production by 500That’s still around 140 MW (megawatts) per year; far from its potential.


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