Wind turbine Arinaga Gamesa
Gamesa wind turbine in Arinaga. Photo: Tomás Morales.

Gamesa’s G128-5.0 MW offshore wind turbine beats the monthly production record of a single wind turbine in Spain. Installed in Arinaga (Canary Islands), it generated 3,136 MWh last August, the energy needed to power more than 10,800 Spanish homes.

This prototype of 5 MW of power and 128 meters of rotor installed in the Arinaga quay by Gamesa in Gran Canaria, In August 2014, it broke the monthly production record for a wind turbine in Spain: 3,136 MWh.

An important step for offshore wind energy. A record achieved thanks to the wind turbine capable of withstanding the trade winds that characterize the region at this time of the year and which remain constant above 14 m / s. This record production exceeds by 25% the previous monthly record for this turbine, reached in July 2014. The record month had a capacity factor of 85.4%, well above the capacity factors of these high power wind turbines.

This wind turbine was commissioned in July 2013, it is Gamesa’s first offshore prototype, the first installed in Spain.

And is wind power the fashionable energy lately among renewables, few days ago we also commented on the record achieved by wind power in Denmark and it is because in the Scandinavian country, wind power covered 39% of electricity demand in 2014, a world record for a single country.

There are many developments that we are experiencing in the field of wind energy, many developing technologies that we hope can be operational very soon in order to make a definitive leap into clean energy production in the world. world. Among those that caught our attention, we have the bladeless wind turbines, wind turbines that can generate the same energy as traditional, but with clear savings on production costs – operation and other environmental benefits – landscaping. Or those silent, tree-shaped turbines for cities, which uses small leaves that lodge in the branches of this artificial turbine tree, the arrangement of the leaves allows them to produce energy regardless of the direction of the wind. Or the turbine called invelox, a wind turbine with a tunnel-shaped base that can produce up to 600% more energy than traditional wind turbines.