The NASA bike turns into a wind turbine when not in use thanks to its wheels with special characteristics.

The next big challenge for space agencies is to set foot on Mars and colonize the Red Planet. NASA has already sent its rovers to explore the Martian surface, to study the surface of the planet. Even visionaries like Tesla CEO Elon Musk intend to colonize the planet by 2050.

Of course, innumerable technological challenges must be developed to realize this desire, and one of them is to obtain vehicles suitable for the harsh environment of Mars. It is true that four-wheeled vehicles are developed for uneven surfaces, but a very maneuverable two-wheeler would also be an option to consider.

Designer Simon Grytten thought about the subject and developed it in sketch form for his version of a motorcycle suitable for missions to Mars. He called it “NASA Bike”.

You can charge your own battery as well as the base station battery by harnessing the power of the wind, thanks to the large red planetary storms. NASA’s bike turns into a wind turbine when not in use.

The bike connects to the charging station, which is a great generator to keep systems running on the hostile planet. The bike has a very basic design for obvious reasons because we are not going to ride it for the pleasure of driving, but to get from one place to another, safe and sound.

Right now, the concept is in the first stage and you need to consider all the factors that can make it truly achievable. One of them is the practicality of riding a bike in sandstorms which would be very dangerous and the amount of power the two wheels could generate for such a large generator.

Designate: Simon Grytten.