The turbine has been tested in the French laboratories of the National Institute for the Exploitation of Marine Resources. Its particular variable geometry makes it ideal for taking advantage of any turbulent water current.

Without a dam or large infrastructure, the WindCity turbine uses the variable geometry of water flows to produce clean energy.

WindCity’s hydrokinetic turbine is ready for water baptism. The prototype, a 25 kW unit capable of producing hydroelectric power with any current, was tested for the first time two weeks ago in Boulougne-sur-Mer, in the laboratories of Ifremer, the French National Institute for the Exploitation of Marine Resources.

Submerged in a tank three meters wide and two meters deep, the unit was subjected to artificial waves of up to 1.5 meters per second, a power that mimics that of the ocean.

This made it possible to test the potential of so-called passive variable geometry: in fact, the Windcity turbine, unlike traditional hydrokinetic devices with fixed geometry, is able to adjust itself, to adapt to changes in water flow without having to need the man. intervention.

Based on the natural shape of the currents, this type of technology widens the field of application and also makes it possible to take advantage of the energy of rivers without dams or large infrastructures.

Impressed by the innovative scope of the device, the French researchers decided to give Windcity the opportunity for a second week of tests in January 2020: “Testing the turbine in a state-of-the-art ocean laboratory is impressive, as it forces you, as the inventor, to deal with the disruptive force of water.”Said Tommaso Morbiato, founder of the startup.

In addition to the great technological innovation in terms of clean energy production with minimal environmental impact, smart wind turbine applications seem revolutionary from the perspective of the circular economy.

Indeed, it can be used, for example, within the framework of the efficiency of treatment plants, where industrial, canal and coastal wastewater could be exploited thanks to this turbine to produce electricity.

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