Windowfarm.  Hydroponic garden for urban windows

The Windowfarm project is spreading more and more around the world. In his community, more and more improvements are being implemented. And it is that in his philosophy, if you have a window, you have an urban garden. The platform was created by Britta Riley in 2009.

Windowfarm is a vertical hydroponic system for automatic watering, in or near a window. The jars are recycled PET bottles with clay balls as a substrate.

The increase in the world population increases the pressure on arable land. Having and enjoying any space to grow our own food will be increasingly important. With this system, each shop window will be an opportunity to cultivate in the city. Being a vertical crop, the space saving is remarkable.

The system is very simple, from some plastic bottles we build a hydroponics. The bottles are hung upside down on top of each other, inserting the neck of the bottle at the base of the next. An improvement in this sense is to place a tube which goes from the cap directly to the pot which contains the roots, thus avoiding spraying the plant and dirtying the leaves (less photosynthesis).

Using a water pump, the water from the last bottle is lifted, placed on the right side, to the top where we should place another tank to distribute the water if we have more than one column.

We put the substrate, which can be clay balls with coconut substrate, in small mesh pots. The vial should be pierced at the top to allow the leaves of the plant to pass, and the bottom should be painted to protect the roots from light.

The last tip is to take into account the orientation towards the sun of the window: towards the south we have the maximum amount of light, but we must also select the plants according to the amount of light they need. For this type of detail it is better to consult the window truss project, an online store where they provide you with everything you need to get started in this world.

Here are two videos where they show you how to build your homemade Windowfarm:

Hydroponic garden for urban windows

Angelo Fernandes It also offers its own model: