Mexican studio Aldeas presented a proposal that transforms the wings of a Volkswagen Beetle into a cool looking kart.

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The solution can be used to treat wastewater while generating energy and income.

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Banana peel fertilizer. Image: ChiccoDodiFC Shutterstock

Organic fertilizers are an environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical option for keeping your plants healthy. There are many ways to do this and use it, with great results.

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planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is the useful life that a factory or company gives to a product, when that useful life period passes, the product becomes obsolete, useless.

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Plants control pests in an ecological way

Farmers have always experimented with wild plants, interspersing them among their crops. With him aim to create plant associations that protect crops from pests in a natural and ecological way. Increasing biodiversity seems to be the right way.

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