Carpentry is undoubtedly one of the most creative professions for those who like being able to repair and make their own furniture. At WoodMe we are now talking about what wood carpentry is.

Wood is perhaps the essential element for anyone who devotes himself or loves carpentry although its treatment is different depending on the tree where it comes from.

Types of wood for carpentry:

  • Deciduous trees: Deciduous trees are ideal for carpentry because their wood comes from deciduous species that grow in temperate climates. The Roble, walnut or beech These are the types of trees from which this wood is obtained and which is very moldable but at the same time resistant. Ideal for large enough furniture such as tables or cupboards.
  • Conifers: Coniferous wood has a light, soft and easy to work type of wood, among which that of pine or the Fir. From these woods you can create ideal sheets for the realization of all kinds of conglomerates, present in many pieces of furniture that we have here today.
  • Tropical timber: Woods that come from tropical climates as well as hot and humid, are also very suitable woods to be able to work in carpentry. Among the species that have this type of wood, there would be Raft, The Ebony wave Mahogany.

These are perhaps the main types of wood when working in carpentry and although for those who wish to devote themselves professionally, they will need specific training, the truth is that you can always learn a basis that helps you. to be able to repair and make your own furniture.

How to learn woodworking:

  • Obviously the way to learn everything related to carpentry will be to do it through a course and today we can find them online, so that we can do it from home and not pay for it .
  • Another way to learn is to follow the tips and examples that are usually given in TV shows dedicated to DIY and where carpentry is usually the protagonist.
  • Finally, it is advisable that before you start to learn carpentry without knowing exactly what you want to know, you can choose to carry out a project that will focus you and also allow you to learn step by step in order to acquire knowledge. as you create.
  • You will also need to obtain all the tools necessary for the carpentry and that you will find in specialized stores.

I now leave you a video of wood carpentry:

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