The belief that wood floats is common, however, there are notable exceptions to this rule. Do you know what kind of wood does not float?

types of wood that do not float

Questions like why does the wood float? All the types or species of wood float? or which ones do not float? They are common and the answers we find are not always as clear as we would like.

We will try to shed some light on the belief that all wood floats.

Why does wood float?

The answer is given by basic physics. Wood floats when its density is less than that of the liquid it is trying to submerge in and sinks when its density is higher.

To give you an idea, pure water has a density of approximately 1000 kg / m3.

As for wood, there is a wide variety of species, each with different characteristics or properties. In this case and as we have already mentioned, the property that most interests us is density, and in this sense there are especially significant differences. There are woods such as rafts with densities around 100 kg / m3 and others like the quebracho that exceeds 1,200 kg / m3.

But not only the density of the wood is a variable to consider, The type of liquid or properties that water also influences where you try to submerge the wood in question. For example, in the Dead Sea, where the water density is higher than normal due to the concentration of salts, one of those woods so dense that it normally sinks in the water could float in this case.

A floating wood, will it always be?

Not necessarily. If we leave the wood in direct contact with the water long enough, it may end up sinking. The internal structure of the wood will fill with water and expel all the air it may have, thus increasing its density.

Types of wood that do not float in water

Continuing with the above, the woods that will not float are those that exceed 1000 kg / m of density3 about. Remember that there are variables that can vary (water purity, tree density, etc.).

Some of the woods denser than water are:

  • Quebracho.
  • Ipé.
  • Curupay.
  • Ébano.
  • Granadillo.
  • SnakeWood.