The combination of aluminum and wood windows is made to combine the performance of these materials in the same product. In this case, we achieve both the thermal and acoustic insulation that wood offers, as well as the durability and aesthetics that aluminum offers outside, without the need for maintenance.

With the use of wood in this type of mixed windows we achieve not only great insulation, but also its versatility as a decorative element. It offers many possibilities, more than aluminum, not only in shapes and designs, but also in finishes and colors.

It is possible to buy wooden aluminum windows both with raw wood and with the applied finish. Purchasing them in crude oil offers us greater possibilities, but it will require higher costs in products and labor. On the other hand, an applied finish does not have the same durability and quality. on site than industrial, where they can even be made by immersion.

It is necessary to comment that the mixed windows of aluminum and wood imply an extra cost that can be around 20%.

Obviously, this type of window is not at odds with the use of double, or even triple glazing, with the insulation benefits that this issue represents.

Aluminum Wooden Window Models

There are different shapes or models in doors and windows of alu-wood. Perhaps the most frequent, the one that is usually understood when we talk about this subject, and that offers the best cost-benefit ratio is the manufacture of the main structure in laminated wood, including the part that supports the glass. Then the outside is covered with aluminum profiles or sheets.

We can also find models in which there is an interior PVC structure coated on one side in aluminum and the other in wood.

Slightly less frequent, but also possible, are aluminum windows lined with wood inside, or half aluminum and half wood windows that are then assembled.

mixed windows

Aluminum Wooden Window

Advantages of mixing wood and aluminum windows

Large capacity thermal insulationand therefore energy savings in heating or air conditioning compared to traditional designs. Especially in models where there is an air chamber that acts as a thermal and acoustic cut. In addition, this feature favors that condensation is not created.

Wood is not only an excellent thermal insulator, it is also acoustic.

Excellent weather performance. Aluminum is a material ideal for being outdoors without the need for maintenance.

Internal humidity regulation thanks to wood. This is known as hygroscopic behavior of wood. That is, in situations of excessive humidity, the wood absorbs part of it, regulating the internal levels of the room.

100% recyclable materials. Wood is the recyclable material par excellence and also biodegradable. Aluminum is not biodegradable, but it is recyclable. This recycling process is also simple and uses less energy than producing new aluminum.

Great customization possibilities. Not only in terms of mechanization and the shape of the wood, but also in terms of the finish: natural, varnished, lacquered … Aluminum is also a material that offers great possibilities for customization in shape and colors.

They can be done with multiple opening systems: fold, tilt and rotate, tilt, rotate, slideā€¦.