Wood is perhaps one of the most widely used materials in the construction of all types of furniture, and although one can say that chairs or tables are predominantly made of wood, one can also find beds.

the wooden beds They may not be the most popular for modern rooms, although the truth is that it seems to become a trend and we can already find them in different styles.

Styles for wooden beds:

Rustic style beds: Wooden beds are usually always linked to style rustic And although it has more to do with decorating from natural elements, we can say that they fit very well with this decorative style which is also characterized by simplicity.

Vintage style beds: Wood can also be integrated between beds which want to be able to approach the “vintage” style and which is based on the classic and on furniture which is or looks old. In fact, many beds for example combine wrought iron as a construction element, with wood for which it is part of the headboard.

Children’s beds: There are many companies that are dedicated to developing furniture children, and in recent years they have launched children’s beds made of this material.

We can say that wood is a material which also allows variety in itself since beds can be made from different types of wood.

Types of wood for beds:

  • Hard wood : These woods come from trees such as cherry, birch, walnut and poplar and since they are more resistant, we can say that they are useful to us and that they are good for us to build the whole body of the tree. bed or headboard.
  • Soft woods: Wood considered to be soft or tender is extracted from trees such as pine And although they are not used that much for building beds, it can be said that they are used to make some specific details or items that are added to beds. Some headboards can be made from this type of wood.
  • Manufactured wood : “Manufactured” type woods are made from sheets or slabs of wood that are used to create really strong furniture, so it can be said that they will also be ideal when creating wooden beds.

These types of beds appear to be quite hard and resilient and while it can be said that many of the models on the market could suffer over time from the effect of wood deterioration, it should be added that all are made in a way. who is They keep for years without the key material of their manufacture undergoing any deterioration.

I leave you a photo gallery of the different models that can be found of wooden beds:

Videos of wooden beds:

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