Although at WoodMe we like that you are the ones who can do all kinds of DIY at home and you can fix, for example, a damaged chair or door, now let’s see how we can fix and treat wooden ceilings.

Wooden ceilings are ceilings that rustic houses or that we can actually perform in our house to create a “false ceiling” which allows us to have a setting that gives more this touch “former”, Although it may be made of a material that could well be aluminum.

How to make a wooden ceiling:

Although the caps are better than ever with the advice of a professional when making them. It must be said that before executing them They must have a structure from beams that will shape the roof.

These beams, which will be made of wood, must be “protected” so that a layer of felt paper will be placed, as thermal insulation.

Then the coating is placed, which can be different materials according to taste or climatic changes that may occur in the area where we live in order to protect the roof.

Coating materials for the wooden roof can be: sheet metal, slate tiles, wooden tiles or shingles.

Once we have our house with a wooden roof, we must keep in mind that it is a material which, although we treat it to avoid deterioration, will suffer the consequences of rain, cold and weather. heat and that way we will have to leave for exams every two or three years.

How to maintain wooden ceilings:

If the wood is new, it is better to apply varnishes and products that allow a long duration. Make two passes and also sand before applying said treatment.

  • If the roof is already treated, we can let it pass, as I said before, about three years and therefore, when it touches us, we have to apply a new coat.
  • If the roofs we owe try has some kind of know-how, we have to use a flat brush and this allows us to reach all corners.

Wood ceilings are something relatively simple to deal with since, as I said, once we get down to keeping them for a while, it will allow us to be able to enjoy them on a daily basis with a minimum of control. .

This type of ceiling, unlike those made of aluminum or PVC, they give the house a special charm and it is also a natural element that we will notice how in winter it will protect us from the entry of cold and in summer it will prevent the entry of heat.

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