Chairs are perhaps one of the staples of any home and without a doubt the most traditional or the ones that are most often purchased are those made of wood. We are talking about how they are and how to take care of wooden chairs.

Currently there are many materials in which we can find chairs, and although those made in Plastic or iron seems to be more “modern”, the truth is that we cannot ignore that those which have been selling for the longest years are wooden chairs.

How are the wooden chairs ?:

  • Wooden chairs are chairs that we will usually use for the dining room and can be made from stronger woods like natural walnut or pine.
  • Another type of wooden chairs that can be found on the market will be the so-called rocking chairs, which were used a lot in the past and which with the “vintage fever” that we are experiencing today seems to be in fashion. It consists of a somewhat larger chair that has an oval base that allows us to sway or sway when we are sitting down.
  • Other chairs that can be made of wood will be baby or high chairs; what chairs to put the little ones in the house to eat.
  • Children’s chairs can also be made of wood, although they are usually in various colors and may have details such as a soft backrest and which children can lean on or wear a cover for the seat.
  • Also the chairs of Court They can be perfectly made of wood, in the same way that they will be the ones that we call “folding” and that are never too much in the houses, taking into account that we can always take them out when there is more. guests and store them later folded.

Although it is very easy to find wooden chairs in all kinds of furniture stores (like Ikea), the truth is that we ourselves, with the necessary tools and a little effort, can fix the wooden chairs that we already have at home or even if we wish to be able to try to do it (see video below).

How to repair a wooden chair ?:

  • Wooden chairs tend to break with some ease when they are already quite old, for although the vast majority of those sold today already have wood prepared against what is known as’ woodworm. “; It may be that little by little we see how it begins to break or to separate by the parts in which it is fixed.
  • Luckily, there are special glues for wood on the market and we can use either to reattach a leg to the base or a back that has been separated.
  • On the other hand, and if we want it to regain its appearance as if it were new, we can choose to sand it with sandpaper which will remove any bulges or damage that it may have, then repaint it in the color that we want and finish applying a varnish that will make it shine more. and keep it for years.

I leave you now, a video showing how to make a wooden chair:

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