In Wood Me, we have already told you several times about decorating baby rooms, or the style that children’s rooms can have; but if there is one element that they cannot miss, it will be the cribs and among these the wooden cribs are returning with great force.

Wooden cradles are a type of cradle that is used both for “vintage” and more modern decorative styles, as their shapes and colors have been greatly updated and in fact this material is one of the best for. this type of bed. .

Wooden cradles:

  • Wooden cribs are perhaps the most common type of cradle among all that we can find on the market because they are strong, durable and babies can sleep in them until they are at least two years old. .
  • The wood usually used for this type of bed is usually pine or oak. Woods that are quite moldable and resistant and that we can also paint in different colors and even make a lacquer, which is also very present in all types of furniture today.
  • On the other hand, we can find wooden cradles as “independent” bed and that can even have wheels, so that we can take it wherever we want if we need it, and at the same time we can buy them with a modular cabinet that has a changing table and drawers for storage. this way to be able to enjoy it much better.

Styles for wooden cradles:

  • Rustic style cradles : The rustic style seems to have become very fashionable a few years ago and the truth is that we cannot say that it has completely disappeared, although it can still be used for areas such as bedrooms. children and in particular cradles.
  • The rustic cradles will be cradles made of wood and with a very simple design in which usually the head and sides will have bars. They can also have aged wood to give it a touch much more in keeping with this style.

  • Classic style cradles: Wooden cradles are the most “classic” type of cradle that can be found on the market. Speaking of styles, we must say that we will include among the classic cribs all those that have a simple design, can be oval and also have a small canopy like in the old days.

  • Modern style cradles: A type of cradle that is carried a lot, and which can also harmonize with the rest of the furniture in the baby’s room. We can find them in different colors and in designs that range from small and small cribs, to others that besides wood have other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.
  • Among modern cradles we can include the modules that we mentioned earlier. Cradles which, in addition to the bed or mattress, include a dresser and a changing table for the baby. These types of cribs tend to become long term beds when the baby is 2-3 years old and we can even remove the bars when they are no longer needed.

We have already seen that the cribs of this material will be the best option for our babies to sleep peacefully, and you will also have no problem finding furniture that matches, although we have the option of being able to purchase the whole room.

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