The furniture is perhaps the elements without which we could not live in our home since without a doubt they are the essential elements of each of them. Although over time styles and types have changed, perhaps wood ones will never go out of style.

The Wooden furniture They are in fact the furniture of a lifetime, as this material has for years allowed all types of furniture to be made and although, as I have already mentioned, times have allowed them to be of other materials, many people still choose wood as the element from which most of their furniture.

Which wooden furniture?

  • Tables and chairs: Tables and chairs, whether in the dining room or in the cooked They are usually made of wood and although many of them are presented in different colors to make them more modern and varied. It must be said that the fact that they are made of wood makes them more durable and resistant.
  • Cabinets and drawers: Cabinets are also usually wood, although currently it seems that the most efficient ones are chipboard and nothing more than a three-ply material made from large chips, placed in transverse directions, simulating the structural effect of plywood.
  • Shelves: The other generally wooden elements are the shelves, which we can also have from different types of wood because it must be said that this is obtained from different trees.

In this way we can say that the wood used by manufacturers can be pinecherry, chestnut, beech, oak, etc. and that it will vary according to whether it is a question of a little harder or softer wood and that this will make it possible to manufacture certain furniture and also to last more or less time.

Types of wood for making furniture.

  • Noble woods: Cedar and mahogany are noble woods and in fact they are the most durable and strongest, so it must be said that they will be used for everything that is large tables, like dining tables or very shelves. robust.
  • Softwood: Among the woods considered to be soft, we must mention pine, which is perhaps the most used for making furniture because it is quite moldable. With it we can make cabinets, drawers and all kinds of chairs.
  • The choice of wood for the cabinet will also vary depending on the color you give to the cabinet to be created. Some are darker and some are lighter, although in many companies dedicated to making furniture there are wooden crates that are made from leaves and allow more variety.

I now leave you a video of wooden furniture:

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