Wooden garden houses under the protection of what may be said or discovered by some exterior decorators or engineers specialized in this type of construction, must have a series of general adaptations so that their design is really correct. Because not only the external appearance must be taken into account, it is also mandatory to think of a set of characteristics that will make the experience of a garden house relevant, pleasant and consistent with the sense of these adaptations.

Therefore, you can keep in mind the idea of ​​a garden house, remembering:

Than a little garden house must be carefully planned in its structure. The foundations of a garden house must be very well built, avoiding as much or totally unevenness of edges, bent corners, loose details, etc. This is because in addition to not being a good aspect for the garden house, it negatively influences the safety of construction.

The garden houses must be made of soft wood. There are rough and / or rustic woods to the touch, which do not favor construction. So make sure that the wooden material you are going to use in your garden house is pleasant and soft to the touch, resists moisture and heat in a balanced way and can even be dismantled if it needs to be moved.

At garden houses do not support unnecessary accessories (depending on the site). The concept of glamor is not as subjective as it seems, but it adapts to a very balanced look between the need for a remarkable architectural manifestation with the functionality that it may have. So, if the place where your wooden garden house is located doesn’t need a stone path or a small garden around it, don’t do it.

Wooden houses for hut style garden or bohío

wooden garden hut

The hut or bohio style garden houses are one of the most beautiful and eclectic adaptations that can be conceived in outdoor spaces. Further assembly can be very simple.

In addition to this idea, we can say that the sobriety and dynamism of each of these pieces built with a very particular care, reflect the great degree of adaptation that a garden house can acquire. Because garden houses can certainly reach different archetypes, just remember the enormous possibilities that can be realized with one of these evocative constitutions.

The hut or hut consists of a circular designation, where the main baselines are strong vertical beams and a roof that generally takes up considerable space. Ah, surprise, garden houses do not necessarily have to follow pre-established architectural standards, but they are perfectly versatile taking into account the environment and the user’s intention regarding the use of their construction.

Hanging a hammock to rest, establishing a space for drinks, adapting an interesting space to listen and move to the rhythm of the music, being able to have a barbecue, enjoying a good conversation on a beautiful bench specially adapted for this. Okay, it looks more like a country house; a vegetable garden, which effectively complements the desire for good taste and maintenance that many hope to have with this type of construction, so beautiful and true to its style. And we say they are true to their style, because a garden house should generally arouse a very pleasant feeling of warmth.

The cottage or garden style houses are available in several important architectural catalogs, as well as in several virtual links that show the design so passionate about these buildings. However, there is a growing interest in increasingly adapting all types of garden houses to all types of spaces, these are certainly very adaptable, and are putting in the popular imagination a sense of freshness and adaptability that the wood itself has. Yes, these garden houses are special for their great design, and should be deserved as one of the most striking lines of the current architectural era.