When you move into a house or apartment, the wooden table This is one of the first pieces of furniture you think of because you know it needs to be comfortable and large enough to accommodate your guests on vacation and everyday to sit around with the family.

But would you like to know the next ideas for decorate wooden tables? Well there are many options depending on the the style of your table and of course the general style of your home.

Indeed, in addition to thinking about the comfort of your family and that of your guests, which is important, you also need to think about maintaining a good harmony with the decoration of the entire dining room, garden or patio, depending on where you plan to place it.

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When choosing the decoration of your table, you should always pay attention to certain details such as the effect it will generate with the lighting of the environment where you place it, so that it retains the good aesthetic you created. Indeed, the decoration of your wooden table must be consistent with that of its environment, including the colors. For this reason, you must think carefully about the colors you will choose for your decoration.

On the other hand, when it comes to a festive evening, you must also take into account the age of your guests to place the older ones in a privileged place on the table. And in the event that your guests are children, you will decorate the table with tableware suitable for their age, because even if you love it and have prepared a glass tableware You have to avoid it because the children will also feel comfortable and so will you, knowing that your favorite dishes will not be broken.

In turn, a decoration with candles looks very beautiful, but it should be borne in mind that among your guests there may be people with allergies and therefore if you are looking for one beautiful lighting You can solve it with a battery-powered lamp and of course a small size so as not to interrupt the vision between your guests. In this sense, if you have thought of decorating your wooden table with flowersYou can do this as long as you place them in the center and along the table and cut the stems of the flowers because they should not interrupt the vision of your guests either.

However, even if you like decorating with flowers for your table, in case your guests suffer from allergies or their aroma is too strong, it is advisable to avoid them and place another type of decoration on the table. that does not mix with the aroma of the food you have prepared.

The the decoration of the table will keep a good aesthetic effect, but remember that the decorative elements should never be the protagonists of the evening, since the protagonists are the guests, well, they will be the ones who will have felt comfortable having gathered in your home around you. a table where they could talk without annoying interruptions. Just like the tall stems of the flowers which interrupt the vision or the aroma of the flowers which interfere with that of the food and do not allow to enjoy it.

You will also create a different good atmosphere depending on the occasion choose the texture and color of the textiles, since the choice of accessories, the presentation of your table will attract the attention of your guests. As for tableware, it is recommended to choose white, because in addition to being practical, it is the color that can easily be combined with any color you have chosen for textiles and for underwear. plates, which you can of course choose between the various textures that exist on the market. This choice and that of table material will depend on the type of event you are going to celebrate, whether informal or casual.

Rustic wood table

When you have chosen a rustic wooden table and want to decorate it, first of all choose the space for its location with the better natural lighting and also pay attention that the rest of the furniture maintains a neutral style so that your table is the protagonist of the place.

Rustic wood table

Folding wooden table

To decorate a folding wooden table, the best option is to apply a decoupage using any of the techniques such as stripping, using stencils, printed papers or acrylics.

First sand the surface of the table to prepare it and apply to the sanded surface paint base or you can also apply a colorless varnish, because in this way the color of the original wood will remain. After applying the primer or varnish, let it dry overnight. You will have chosen beforehand a clear image printed on a thin and porous paper.

Cut out the chosen image and apply a coat of colorless varnish to the area of ​​the table you have chosen apply clipping. Press the cut image onto the varnished area and allow it to dry. Then you will apply two more coats of colorless varnish allowing it to dry between each coat. When dry, apply another coat of colorless varnish but this time by extending it to the entire surface of the table. Your folding wooden table decorated as you chose is ready.

Folding wooden table

Wooden table for dining room

Thinking that the place in your house where you meet for lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks with your family every day is very important. The dining table decor It must keep a design that appeals to everyone and that is consistent with the rest of the environments.

You can think of a rustic style. If you like the simple, this will be the ideal decoration for a country house and also when it comes to a eclectic decor, since the rest of the furniture can have a different kind of style and the place will be beautiful. Another option can be the minimalist style for the dining table which also looks modern and is also very practical as you won’t need too many decorative elements to complete this style.

Wooden table for the garden

Before deciding how to decorate the wooden table for the garden, you should take into account that it will be located outside your house, so you should have a wooden table for the outside so that it can withstand the outdoors. Once you’ve made up your mind about it wood table type, you will start to think about its decoration for that party or important event.

Decorate the table with some floral centerpieces with fresh, vintage and different species of flowers. The other decorative elements will be cushions that you will place on the chairs which can be foldable and made of wood to make your guests feel comfortable around the table. Complement the decor with white lights, because if the event is going to take place at night, you will ensure that your guests have a pleasant evening in the garden.

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