Although in Wood Me we always want to provide you with the best ideas so that you can make your own furniture or arrangements at home yourself, now is the time to talk about tables and among these the most common are those in wood.

Wooden tables might be the type of table we all have at home, but these days and with the new trends and styles that are happening in furniture making, there are cases in which wood was treated. with other materials or simply, the table is made for example of plastic, aluminum, etc …

However, it seems that wooden tables not only have a special charm, but they can also be the best option if, for example, we need them for a living room or a dining room, or for an office. You will see that there are many styles.

Types of wooden tables:


Dinner table. They are generally the most common among wooden tables. They are large, and the wood of trees like cedar, which is usually harder, is often used in their manufacture.

Room tables or office tables. They can be made with harder woods as well, although the truth is that, being maybe small in size, we can use more moldable and easier to use woods like pine.

Kitchen table. Although in the kitchen there are usually more tables made of materials such as aluminum or foil combined with wood, we can also find them made of the latter material.

Night tables. They are still a type of table and the truth is that the current market generally makes them in combination of wood with other materials.

Before choosing the table we need, and especially since it is made of wood, we must know what type of wood it is in and if it has been treated so that it can be maintained over time, because many old furniture that can be found in the market For example, and how fashionable they are, they end up suffering a lot from the consequences of the passage of time, humidity, etc. so in the long term it will be necessary to know how to restore them.

How to restore a wooden table:

how to restore a wooden table

  • The first thing to do is the sand all wood. Either painted or natural, to achieve a uniform appearance afterwards.
  • Once sanded, clean well with a brush to remove any dust that was left when sanding the wood.
  • Start to stain woodTo do this, use the water-based dye, which you will prepare just before its application.
  • You have to paint in whatever tone you want. So if you want a brighter color you will need to do more than one coat of dyeIf you want, of course, one layer will suffice. Once tinted, you must wait at least 48 hours to continue working.
  • After two days, we make sure the stain is already dry, and again we sand more gently. Then we will apply a primer this will help us protect the wood and again we will have to sand even more gently.
  • The last step is apply varnish This will make the wood not only preserved, but also like new.

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