Well-made and finished wooden objects offer sensations that are pleasant to the touch. Children know this, which is why wooden toys have been used for centuries and, in many cases, the favorite toys of many. They are used not only at home, but also in play groups, schools and day care centers.

Wood is a familiar material which allows children to come into contact not only with their surroundings, such as the table, chair or floor, but also with the forest and nature.

These types of toys have been experiencing a huge boom in recent years. This is partly due to the nostalgia of many parents. But also to the advantages that wooden toys already have the possibility to offer something different and that breaks, at least for a while, with the digital world where we are.

Ecologically responsible

Wooden toys, of certified origin, are a much greener option than plastic toys. The latter being a material that created an unsustainable situation from an ecological point of view.

Wood is a natural, organic and renewable resource.

It is necessary pay attention to the finish that is applied. For example, the type of paint and whether it contains dangerous components, such as lead. The ideal is to use natural finish, even suitable for food, or without finishing.

In comparison, plastic toys not only offer limited renewal possibilities, but can also contain a wide range of harmful chemicals.

They offer more educational possibilities

On many occasions, manufacturers of wooden toys and those interested in them are more concerned with the role that toys can play in children’s education.

Several studies carried out in the last decades confirm that the industry has little concern with offering toys with educational possibilities. And on many occasions you have to turn to manufacturers looking for not just commercial profit to find educational toys.

And is it by chance that many of the educational toys are made of wood? May I help. As we already mentioned wood offers the possibility to connect the child with the environment and nature, something fundamental from an educational point of view.

Some wooden toys are building blocks, puzzles, etc., which can help to develop many skills.

They help concentration

Wood not only helps to improve children’s concentration. It has been proven that it also helps people to be more productive in the workplace and promotes a better environment.

It is because it creates a more natural environment, where our body and mind are more at ease. Furthermore, in this environment it is much easier to overcome negative feelings.

Durability of wooden toys

Toys suffer in the hands of children. They are hit, they are thrown and they can even be outside. Plastic toys are usually less resistant and we will not talk about digital items, where problems of malfunction and obsolescence are more than common.

Wooden toys in many cases last for years and even pass from one generation to another, in many cases, with just a few scratches and bumps.

In addition, they are much easier to repair and / or replace any part.

Supports imagination

Today we find toys that have everything: sounds, colors, lights, etc. This leaves little room for imagination, forcing the child to use it only in the direction in which the toy was designed. That is, they do everything for the child.

Wooden toys for children feature a blackboard, in which to let your imagination fly. It is amazing what a child can imagine with a simple stick in the right context.

Encourages social interaction with other children

If we get to the extreme of video games, we can see how in many cases children end up playing alone at home, becoming a lonely activity.

Wooden toys can promote interaction with other children, exchange and teamwork.


Plastic toys, especially cheap ones, are not only made of materials of dubious quality, but also more fragile. If they break, they can release small pieces that a child can swallow. Wood offers much less risk in this regard.

But not only that, as we already mentioned, wooden toys can have benefits for the child’s health. Improve your development, physical and mental health.